Defense Grid: The Awakening

  • Defense Grid: The Awakening
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  • Great tower defensestyle gameplay. Most beautiful TD game to date.
  • Nicely paced learning curve. Nice variety of upgradable towers.


  • Just not enough time in some levels to build everything up must be selective.
  • No reasonable way to detect enemy strengths and weaknesses. Recommended system requirements a bit extreme.

Expert reviews and ratings

By BrightHub on 60

Defense Grid goes for $19.99 these days. That isnt a lot, but I cant recommend taking a chance on buying this game. Anyone thinking about making the purchase should already known if they might be interested. If tower defense games have been...

By Good Gear Guide on 90

I recently bought Defense Grid off Steam for $5 (it was on sale) and let me tell you something: I got my money’s worth and then some. I love tower defence games and Defense Grid is one of the better ones I’ve played so far. Between this and...

By GamePro on 90

It's amazing what a little touch up in graphics and sound can do for a tower defense gameplay-based title. And Hidden Path Entertainment's Defense Grid: The Awakening is a prime example of that sudden transformation of taking a unoriginal....

By Games Radar on 90

A little extra presentation magic can go a long way to help a game rise above a sea of play-alikes. Take Defense Grid: The Awakening: Granted, it’s yet another variation on the tower defense genre - a crowded subset of real-time strategy puzzlers...

By GamingShogun on

Defense Grid: The Awakening features crisp 3d visuals and is, perhaps, the best tower defense game to date. The game offers a large variety of turrets and enemies to face off against and will satisfy even the most hard-core TD player.Full...

By GamerTell on

There were a lot of huge titles that were released at the tail end of 2008. In all the hype generated by these high profile titles, it’s easy to overlook some of the gems that don’t have as loud a voice. Defense Grid: The Awakening is one...

By IGN Gear on 80

Tower defense games are a dime a dozen on the Internet, which is a bit of an exaggeration only in the sense that the vast majority of them are free-to-play, so paying 10 cents would be overkill. Still, its not surprising that tower defense games are...

By Gamervision on 80

Name: Defense Grid: The AwakeningGenre: Tower Defense, Strategy Platform: PCGenerally speaking, the Tower Defense genre made its arrival as custom maps made by fans of games like Warcraft and Starcraft. The gameplay involves stopping waves of enemies...

International Review By GamerLobby on 76

Rene Defense Grid: The Awakening hat ein sehr hohes Suchtpotential. Immer wieder will man die Levels mit anderen Herausforderungen schaffen.Trotzdem würde ein Editor den Spaß noch erhöhen, wenn ähnlich der Trackmania-Serie von...