• Defiance
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  • Great weapons.
  • Simply boot up.
  • Open, free-flowing game experience.


  • Lacks variety and depth.
  • A lot of bugs.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechSpot on 59

Respectable PvP combat goes a long way, but not far enough to make Defiance a recommendable experience.

By avforums.com on 60

With all the fuss surrounding Bungie's upcoming Sci-Fi shooter-MMO Destiny, you'd be forgiven for thinking the same type of game hadn't been pulled off before. In recent months alone we've had the likes of Firefall, Dust 514 and Planetside 2 scratching...

By Techgage on

What do you get when you take one part sci-fi TV show and one part MMOG and toss them both into a blender? A strange way to open a review of Defiance , that's what.From the folks who brought us Rift and End of Nations comes an MMO that takes place in the...

By Strategy Informer on 50

When you hear the term 'videogame tie-in', or 'TV series collaboration', or even mention of the station 'SyFy' the first thing that springs to mind isn't going to be 'groundbreaking classic' - unless you happen to like Highlander spin-offs. Of course...

By GameSpot on 65

Defiance's merely acceptable systems are deftly assembled in a way that allows you to spread your proverbial wings and offer your gun-wielding talents to those who need you most. Much like its own arkfalls, Defiance offers treasure, but you have to battle an array of bugs before you can reap it.

By GameSpot on 65

Defiance is the B movie of massively multiplayer games: rickety and unrefined, yet a good time all the...

By LanOC Reviews on

I will start off by saying I enjoyed Defiance very much. The seemingly infinite amount of random loot and fast paced bullet slinging action had me hooked from the jump (the rocket-powered ATV that acts as your mount helped with that) and the near...

By EuroGamer on 50

Maybe in 12 months' time the TV show will be a big hit and the game will have been patched and updated into the experience it was clearly meant to be. If that's the case, it'll be a hard-earned and well-deserved victory. For now, proceed with caution.

By PCGamer on 62

A competent MMO shooter marred by a lack of polish, whose TV tie-in ambitions only seem set to cause problems.

By AtomicGamer on 80

I won't speak much about the potential excitement of the simultaneous TV show tie-in, mostly because the show has yet to premiere on SyFy, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that playing the game makes me at least a little bit more interested in the show. Either way, Defiance gives off a bad first impression, but it still holds up well on its own with continued play.

By NowGamer on 70

Defiance does enough new that you won't be disappointed providing you know what you're in for. There's something compulsive about it's quest grinding, but at the same time they do lack the variety and depth of world necessary to make an MMO everlasting.

By InsideGaming on 75

While Trion has to be held accountable for the severe problems at launch, the truth is that the game’s experience is strong enough to shine through them. Unless you need an artificial goal like a level cap to work towards in an MMO, Defiance offers some of the best fun you can have online.

By JeuxActu on 55

Defiance manque clairement d'ambition et de finition pour s'imposer comme un titre référence dans le monde du TPS a monde ouvert et persistant, meme s'il fait des pionniers. Cela dit, dans le jeu, vouz pouvez vous attendre a des derapages incongrus et des bosses qui vous font décoller a la verticale. Au moins l'esprit est arcade.

By Cheat Code Central on 76

Last week, Defiance came out. Its launch was less-than-spectacular (something I wrote a bit about), but that’s to be expected of pretty much any MMO. And yes, even though it’s a third-person shooter, Defiance is also an MMO. So after the game’s first...

By HardcoreGamer on 70

As far as MMO launches go, though, Defiance has been surprisingly smooth for the most part. In the end, the game is off to a decent start, but it faces some inherent hurdles that could hold it back from being what one can tell it’s meant to be.

By Blogcritics on 40

Defiance is a MMORPG tie-in with the Syfy TV show of the same name that has yet to launch. It does not take place in the same location as the series, instead being based around the post invasion/apocalypse Bay Area of San Francisco. There are claims...

International Review By Spieletest on 80

Defiance erfindet das Rad nicht neu, das sollte heute aber auch nicht mehr erwartet werden. Es verbindet gelungen Elemente aus Offline-Titeln mit den Vorzügen und Möglichkeiten einer Onlinewelt. Die Schlachten und Bosskämpfe sind fordernd und...

International Review By Level 7 on 50

Okej, först så kan nog ett litet förord vara på sin plats. Defiance är ett MMORPG och upplevelsen av spelet är därför något orättvis att tränga in inom ramen för den tid jag lägger på att recensera det. MMOs är stora, komplexa och levande saker som...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Die ersten zwölf Folgen der TV-Serie Defiance sind bereits abgedreht. Um zu erkennen, wie eng die Verknüpfung zwischen Fernsehen und virtuellem Abenteuer ist und wie stark sich die Geschehnisse gegenseitig beeinflussen, wird man sich wohl bis zur zweiten...