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  • Tense mix of crafting, exploration, and survival.
  • Distinct art style and atmosphere set a cool vibe.
  • Massive open world to explore.


  • Lacks the rewards that would balance out the repetition.
  • Permadeath just doesn’t seem very fair in context.

Expert reviews and ratings

By EuroGamer on 80

So while the game starts to falter in the long term, fans of hardcore roguelike adventures and uncompromising survival gameplay alike won't go hungry.

By on 60

Looking back, I was so naive. After a few in-game hours in the procedurally-generated paper cut-out world of Don't Starve, my main concern was the lack of any real threat. I wandered around the landscape gathering grass and berries and leisurely trying...

By Realm of Gaming on 80

PCIt is no secret that the franchise behind Minecraft has blown up, like to the point where elementary level kids are playing it! However, among those people that don't play Minecraft (and let me tell you, they do exist), they usually have a common...

By New Game Network on 78

This is one of those titles that can perfectly sell itself just from the single line description: it's survival-horror in a darkly whimsical world setting. If that single concept has you hooked, buy it. Otherwise, maybe wait for a few content updates to...

By SpazioGames on 80

Don’t Starve è azzeccatissimo, e gli permette di girare su pc non particolarmente performanti senza troppi sbalzi. Noi l’abbiamo provato su una configurazione di fascia alta e l’unico problema che abbiamo riscontrato è stato un crash in fase di chiusura di una partita, che non si è poi in seguito più ripetuto.

By Edge on 60

Don’t Starve is by no means a bad trial run for Klei’s new way of working, but it’s a pursuit for those with a wealth of patience and an appetite for pain. Klei may have modelled Hell brilliantly, but that doesn’t mean we want to live there.

By Metro on 60

An interesting stew of ideas and great presentation can’t make up for a game that goes out of its way to frustrate and discourage its players.

By GameSpot on 70

The initial sense of wonder that comes from stumbling upon the surprises and discoveries of this interesting world rapidly fades away when you're stuck tackling the same menial tasks over and over again to regain lost ground for the hundredth time. It's disappointing, because Don't Starve otherwise packs a tremendous amount of charm, depth, and intrigue.

By IGN on 70

Like most roguelikes, progress in Don't Starve oftentimes feels like a Sisyphean task. Time spent battling shadow creatures, building a farm, and ultimately an inevitable death are rewarding once they get going, but failure to recognize success robs them of meaning, and there's a long period of doldrums at the start of every new game.

By GameSpot on 70

Survival and crafting take a turn for the brutal in this fascinating...

By CCC on 94

Pretty much everything about this game is fantastic, and you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with it. In fact, if you like survival games at all, I’m pretty sure Don’t Starve will be your new addiction.

By Vandal on 86

Te recomendamos que no sólo te dejes llevar por el diseño y las capturas, y que entiendas bien lo que el juego ofrece antes de decidirte por él, porque es uno de esos títulos que, o bien amas, o bien te arrepientes de haber comprado hasta el día del juicio final. Si Miasmata te viene grande, Doodle God te queda pequeño...

By Destructoid on 85

The feeling of accomplishment when you manage to fend off countless cruel beasties, survive unrelenting foul weather, and fill your belly is potent. Mastering the wilderness is a difficult road, but from it comes a sense of empowerment. Of course, you could still lose it all in an instant. Such is the fickle nature of Don't Starve.

By GameStar on 82

Gleiches gilt auch für die Kämpfe: Ein einfacher Klick auf den Gegner lässt uns zuschlagen. Ein komplexeres Kampfsystem darf man natürlich nicht erwarten, schließlich geht's in Don't Starve ja vor allem ums Entdecken und Sammeln.

By GamesRadar on 80

Don’t Starve starts off slow and punishing and continues to get even harder as you play. Its merciless difficulty coupled with its monotonous gameplay can leave some players feeling frustrated and bored.

By ArmChair Empire on 85

There is a constant need to hammer out a logical way of going about things in order to survive, all the while experimenting and exploring so to discover better ways of staying alive, with hunger and sanity a constant force to keep driving forward, making for a very satisfying experience.

By HardcoreGamer on 50

Unless there’s a major update in the near future, you’d be better off waiting until it inevitably becomes part of an indie bundle so that you can briefly jump in and enjoy its first few hours. Until then, your money and time should be spent elsewhere.

By GameInformer on 75

A small group of hardcore gamers will revel in Don't Starve's punishing difficulty, but without a better sense of overarching progression or purpose, there are more entertaining and rewarding gaming experiences to spend your time on.

By 3DJuegos on 89

Simplemente genial. Solo así podemos valorar a esta excelente aventura de supervivencia extrema, que ha sabido jugar muy bien sus cartas ofreciendo una experiencia de juego tan desafiante como original. Con innumerables opciones de juego, pocos títulos atrapan del modo en el que lo hace Don't Starve. Un imprescindible.

By Cheat Code Central on 94

When it came time to work on my Don’t Starve review, I came down with a horrible fever. This was the sort of fever that had me in bed for three entire days sweating profusely, having insane dreams, and flat-out wishing I were dead. It was terrible....