• Dropchord
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  • Simply inoffensive.
  • One of the most stylish mobile games you’ll ever play.
  • Soundtrack is incredible.


  • Gets repetitive pretty fast.
  • Controls need tweaking.

Expert reviews and ratings

By EuroGamer on 70

But Dropchord demonstrates Double Fine's expanding range and competency as the studio begins to diversify. This may be a palette-cleansing effort for the studio's staff, but in Dropchord's case that sense of creative liberation works in our favour.

By Destructoid on 65

Dropchord is a really neat idea, and I would have loved to have seen it expanded upon on a bigger stage. If you're in the mood for an interesting game based around electronic music though, you can do a whole lot worse than spending a few bucks on Double Fine's latest foray into the mobile market. Just don't expect a whole lot of depth, or a lasting impression.

By GameZebo on 70

Dropchord is one of the most stylish experiences you can have on your mobile device, and if you're looking for just a short experience to fill the good part of an hour, then it's well worth grabbing. Meanwhile, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that Double Fine decides to build on this solid base.

By MacLife on 60

Dropchord dazzles with its presentation, but doesn't make a lasting impact with its interactivity.

By ArcadeSushi on 75

Dropchord may not be the perfect rhythm game, but it has enough style and substance to keep you busy for a good while. Some folks might find that they tire of it after a few days, but rhythm fans who like to perfect their games will find something that they can keep coming back to for days on end.

By GameInformer on 65

These little twists add a fair amount of variety to Dropchord, but the overall package failed to grab me. I loved the soundtrack (you can download it from iTunes), and the visuals are great as well. The backgrounds swirl and change in a funky lightshow that doesn't obscure the objectives. Ultimately, though, it’s a neat-looking (and sounding) game that’s easy to play and just as easy to forget.

By SlideToPlay on 100

The quality of the music draws you back into the mix and invokes that “just one more game” itch. I recommend playing Dropchord with the best pair of headphones you can find. The soundtrack is up for sale online, and is available on iTunes.