• Dustforce
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  • Challenging platforming for all skill levels.
  • Entrancing soundtrack.
  • Tons of stages to unlock.


  • Some features lack basic explanation.
  • A few performance issues.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Polygon on 50

I was looking forward to playing Dustforce. I love platformers - particularly challenging ones - and the game has an appealing, chilled-out aesthetic that I was immediately drawn to. But I never fully recovered from the wall I hit, thanks to the fidgety controls. Dustforce offers plenty of challenge and variety, but too much of that value is hidden under a layer of grime.

By Gaming Age on 69

CommentAesthetically speaking, I can't think of many games I've played that measure up to Dustforce. It's one of those games for which the phrase "a feast for the senses" was invented.First and foremost, it looks gorgeous, with graphics that make it...

By Gaming Nexus on 46

The original images and videos of Dustforce introduced a beautifully rendered world and unique concept of a platformer based upon sweeping. The game's stunning visuals and innovative gameplay were quite impressive for only a group of four developers...

By PC Gamer on 90

Style and intelligently scaled difficulty make Dustforce an instant classic, and a lesson in the rewards of hard...

By Destructoid on 85

In recent years, the platform game has been coming back into style with releases such as Rayman Origins and Donkey Kong Country Returns catching the attention of gamers across the globe. But there have always been those certain platformers that test...

By VideoGamer on 80

Dustforce ReviewThe rock-hard platformer has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent months, thanks largely to a blossoming indie scene, and Dustforce is the latest entry in this gleefully painful subgenre. And, yes, it is difficult and you will...

By GameSpot on 75

Dust and grime surround us. Every day, they collect atop coffee tables and in forgotten kitchen corners, but no more. In Dustforce, it's time to fight back. Filth falls before four acrobatic janitors--each equal parts ninja and handyman. Their world...

By ign.com on 80

Dustforce easily merits the low, $10 barrier to entry. Some better in-game explanation concerning Dustforce’s content and mechanics would really help, but this addictive platformer succeeds nonetheless. The artful way the characters’ abilities allow...

By GameSpy on 90

I don't like repeating myself. Games that barrage me with tedious trial-and-error usually end up on the wrong end of the woodchipper. So Dustforce legitimately shocked me when I realized that -- while leaping, dashing, and sliding my way through my...

By GamingShogun on

Games are usually an escape from life and so often have strange and unusual premises but you don’t find a whole lot that have you play a janitor armed with your push broom. Even fewer have you play as part of a janitorial team working to clean up the...

International Review By techtudo.com.br on 78

Dustforce é desafiador e extremamente exigente. É um game desenvolvido para quem busca a perfeição dos movimentos. Esteja preparado para uma proposta diferenciada, acelerada e repleta de desafios irritantes. Apesar de algumas falhas nos comandos e da...

International Review By bright.nl on

Het idee achter Dustforce is simpel, maar de executie ervan zorgt ervoor dat wij in ieder geval graag nog even blijven doorspelen. Door je constant te herinneren aan je prestaties door de score van je vrienden te laten zien, blijf je terugkeren om net...