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  • Enlightened balance of depth and accessibility.


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By VR-Zone on 90

With Europa Universalis IV , Paradox has once again affirmed its status as a colossus of the grand strategy playing field, dominating the genre with their monumental offerings. There are few games that marry the rich, robust knowledge of European history...

By GameSpot on 90

It's a game where you can bribe cardinals to become the pope's true master, turn the Holy Roman Empire into a unified state, become shogun of Japan, prevent Poland from being partitioned, convert Eurasia to Buddhism by force, or turn Oman into a superpower. Europa Universalis IV easily provides hundreds of hours of gameplay for those who develop a taste for it.

By HardcoreGamer on 90

The biggest issue is the learning curve, which seems at times needlessly steep; also, they could have taken some more time with the hint system (which doesn’t ever seem to pop up with relevant information as I imagine it was intended to). All in all though, I’d recommend giving this game a few days, playing through any initial frustration, and experimenting with this extremely well crafted sandbox.

By GameSpot on 90

Complex and rewarding strategizing makes the fourth game in the Europa Universalis dynasty...

By Strategy Informer on 90

I’ve written enough on Europa Universalis IV over the past year that you don’t need me to lead you into this review. To be honest, I imagine you can guess what the verdict is going to be –is Europa Universalis IV any good? Of course it is. It’s...

By IGN on 89

Europa Universalis IV is easy to recommend to anyone interested in historical strategy - it’s the best game in the series, which can now take its place, with no caveats, among the giants of the genre. Very few strategy games manage to show the grand sweep of history as something that can be directly influenced and made fun...

By PC Gamer on 91

An Enlightened balance of depth and accessibility that brings grand strategy into a new...

By PCGamer on 91

The result of these efforts is a textured and engrossing simulation that conquers the common ground between your average Civilization V player and the long-time devotees of grand strategy. Never before have I felt that “World at your fingertips” feeling as strongly, and you owe it to your sense of discovery to give EU IV an hour of your life or two...

By IncGamers on 80

I’d happily recommend Europa Universalis IV to anyone intrigued by abstract power politics, national maneuvering and European history circa 1450-1800. Just be prepared to bore people to tears with your tales of conquest, and potentially miss out on some life-changing events because you were too busy trying to nab control of the Papacy.

By TheEscapist on 80

The trade system is elegant to behold, and it's somehow beautiful to witness the snaking lines of money moving across the map. It's just not very fun. You send your merchants or order your ships to protect trade interests, and that's it. You just let it run.

By Edge on 70

That’s ultimately also why all those numbers are there, beneath the surface: because you never graduate away from Europa Universalis IV. It drops you in the deep end before you’re ready, but if you can swim back towards the shallows during those first five hours, you’ll unlock a game so rich, it’ll be helping you tell stories for years.

By PC World on 80

Europa Universalis IV is a strong, if somewhat safe, grand strategy effort from Paradox Interactive, with great additions that make the whole package more friendly to...

International Review By on -

1400-luvulla alkoi suuri ponnistus, jolla suurvallat pyrkivät kartoittamaan ja valloittamaan uutta maailmaa. Tähän huikean kehityksen ja seikkailun aikakauteen sijoittuu Europa Universalis IV.Europa Universalis IV on Paradoxin vuosia jatkuneen sanan...

International Review By on -

В основе своей Europa Universalis IV — все та же невероятно увлекательная глобальная стратегия. Но в ней почти все изменилось. Везде, куда не посмотри, видны титанические усилия разработчиков по перетряхиванию или серьезному «тюнингу» геймплея… 1510 г. —...

International Review By on -

Жанр Стратегия Издатель Paradox Development Studio Разработчик Paradox Interactive Минимальные требования Процессор Intel Pentium 4 2,4 ГГц/AMD Athlon 2,2 ГГц, 2 Гбайт RAM, видеокарта с поддержкой DirectX 9.0c и 512 Мб памяти, например...

International Review By Netzwelt on -

Das Spielziel hat sich nicht großartig geändert: Als König eines Reiches (über 250 stehen zur Auswahl) muss man sich vom 15. bis ins 19. Jahrhundert gegen allerlei Widersacher behaupten und darf im Idealfall die Geschichte der Neuzeit umschreiben. Europa...

International Review By GameElite on -

Ola har omskapat historien rejält. Han har låtit en adelsman bli svensk konung istället för Karl Knutsson Bonde och utropat krig mot Danmark. Som tur är vann han kriget. Kriget kom 1453. Svenskarna var trötta efter femtio år av dansk överhöghet....