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By nerdreactor.com on 50

One of the many games that I was looking forward to this year was the new Godzilla game from Bandai Namco. It had been years since Godzilla had a full-fledged video game, and since the release of Gareth Edwards' 2014 film, fans of the legendary kaiju...

By Games Radar on 20

You would think a game in which you can pimp-slap a moth as a 40ft-tall garbage monster couldn't possibly be that bad. You would, however, be...

By eurogamer.net on

It's one of the great mysteries of video gaming. How has the mighty Godzilla been able to inspire so many beloved interactive rip-offs - from Rampage to the sadly obscure War of the Monsters - without ever starring in a decent game of his own? It would...

By Geek.com on

Samsung Galaxy S4 5" Smartphone [Sprint]It's the first Western Godzilla movie in 16 years, and if you saw the last one, you know why that is, and also hate Roland Emmerich. Legendary Pictures chose a newer, fresher, Britisher director — Gareth Edwards —...

International Review By ingame.de on 40

Bekanntlich wird im Internet eine ganze Menge gehatet, geflamet, kritisiert, getrollt und zur Schnecke gemacht, da wollen wir nur ungerne in das selbe Horn blasen. Nun ist aber leider Godzilla 2015 für PlayStation 3 und PlayStation 4 eines dieser...

International Review By Gamereactor on 30

Det japanske ikon, Godzilla, har haft noget af en farverig karriere. I 1954 udkom den aller første film, der lagde sig op af udslettelsen af Hiroshima og Nagaski i slutningen af Anden Verdenskrig, og de følgende amerikanske atomsprænginger i USA....

International Review By in.ign.com on 45

Apart from it's massive roster of Kaiju and an encyclopedia of monsters, Godzilla's poor graphics, uncomfortable controls, and overly repetitive missions make this one of the worst renditions of the King of the Kaiju since he fought Matthew Broderick in...