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  • Intriguingly vague choose-your-own-path narrative.
  • Chilling atmosphere pulls you in.


  • Story's vagueness can leave you frustrated, even after multiple plays.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC World on 70

Facebook Home is great for Facebook fans, but most people won't want the social network in their face...

By Realm of Gaming on 45

PCImagine: You awaken in unfamiliar surroundings with blood caked on your clothing and the boom of lightning echoing in your head. It's midnight black, and were it not for the flashlight at your feet you might not have known you were in someone...

By reviewed.com on 11

Have you ever woke up in a strange house, leg throbbing in pain, and found a dead body?Please say no.This is the basic premise of Home , a horror game from indie developer Benjamin Rivers. The nameless protagonist, who awakes in a house that he has no...

By EveryEye IT on 80

Home è un imperdibile viaggio nelle paure più profonde, un grezzo dipinto raffigurante i più lugubri angoli della psiche umana, un esperimento narrativo con svariati spunti di riflessione in più rispetto alla maggior parte dei survival horror mainstream. Un’esperienza da non lasciarsi sfuggire, soprattutto al prezzo proposto.

By 4Players DE on 82

Doch dann erkennt man nicht nur, dass man gar nicht alles an Geheimnissen entdeckt hat: Was ist z.B. mit diesem Safe? Und was ist bloß auf dem VHS-Video zu sehen? Man ahnt im letzten Drittel auch, dass man dieses Abenteuer vielleicht ganz anders erlebt hätte, denn plötzlich werden einem Fragen gestellt, die eine Antwort auf all die Indizien verlangen.

By GameSpot on 70

Home may feel like hollow entertainment. But by allowing you room to interpret, Home keeps you intellectually engaged even when you aren't playing it, and that's a triumph worth celebrating.

International Review By Eurogamer on 60

Fortællinger med aktiv deltagelse, også kaldet interaktive narrativer, er en menneskelig oldskik, der går igen på tværs af generationer og kulturer. De findes i mange forskellige afskygninger, herunder som dramaturgi,...