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  • A fascinating story of absolute insanity.
  • Colorful retro graphics.
  • Occasional great combos.


  • Punishing difficulty and unfair randomization.
  • Bad stealth level and boss fights.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Realm of Gaming on 85

PCIt's no question that the indie game movement is growing at a rapid pace. New indie games come out nearly every day, even if you never even hear about most of them. Those that get passed over tend to feature a striking visual style or a unique game...

By New Game Network on 84

Hotline Miami will make you laugh even as you smash your keyboard because you just died again. The addictive gameplay and compelling story make this an easy...

By Yet Another Review Site on 90

Brilliant, strange, unnerving – just buy it now!You get a phone call. It tells you that you need to go to a hotel and clean a room. You get drive there in your Delorean, don a rubber animal mask and then kill everything that moves in various brutal ways....

By PC Gamer on 86

Transgressive like Grand Theft Auto hasn’t been for years, Hotline is violent, quick and compulsive but lacking in depth....

By CNET Australia on 80

Hotline Miami is an intoxicating celebration of violence that will have you pounding the restart button for...

By GameSpy on 50

It is a rare game that dares to question why it sends us on homicidal rampages. Hotline Miami does it cleverly and subversively by casting us as a schizophrenic hitman who compulsively kills a small army of thugs for reasons even he doesn't...

By GamePlanet on 90

In the sparsely populated kingdom of 2D top-down action titles, Hotline Miami reigns...

By eTeknix on

So this last couple of day I have been playing around with Hotline Miami, many of you may not have a clue what this game is all about and quite frankly after a few days of playing it myself, I'm not sure how to even begin this telling you about it.I...

International Review By Level 7 on 90

Året är 1989, och platsen Miami. Staden styrs av kriminella gäng och droger, våld och allmän misär tillhör vardagen. I huvudrollen har vi en man som varje dag får nya meddelanden på sin telefonsvarare, i vilka han ombeds ta sig till särskilda platser...

International Review By on 83

Alla vigilia dell'ennesimo salto generazionale, con la Wii U ormai svelata e le nuove Xbox e PlayStation prossime all'unveil, stupisce come sia ancora possibile restare a bocca aperta per una piccola produzione indipendente, PC/Mac only, arrivata a...

International Review By Skillpoint on 80

Jag har följt Jonatan Söderström under flera års tid och har ständigt imponerats över hans otroliga utvecklingstempo. Under namnet Cactus har han spottat ur sig spel i samma takt jag byter kalsonger, typ. Men vad som är mer anmärkningsvärt är att...

International Review By Eurogamer on 90

Død, død, død. R, R, R! 9 /...

International Review By Gamereactor on 80

Svenske indieprofilen Cactus är tillbaka tillsammans med multikonstnären Dennis Wedin. Tillsammans bjuder de på en odyssé i mardrömmar, ultravåld och elektro i deras nya spel Hotline Miami. Viktor har...

International Review By on

Retro on in, ei siitä pääse mihinkään. Peli toisensa jälkeen yrittää rahastaa pikseleillä ja chiptune-musiikilla tietäen sen iskevän suoraan monen pelaajan keskushermostoon. Olin ennakkoon valmis tuomitsemaan jo Hotline Miamin jälleen yhtenä liian...