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  • Intricate crafting.
  • Co-op challenges.
  • Truly greater than the sum of its parts.


  • Uncommitted to itself.
  • Dismal story.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on 50

Should a zombie apocalypse ever actually occur, the media have done such a good job in informing us of survival tactics and what to do that the entire affair would probably be over within a week. Hardly a minute seems to go by without the zombie genre...

By Strategy Informer on 55

If there's one thing that dulls my enthusiasm on starting up a new game, it's an extended cumbersome tutorial. Obviously for many titles, particularly those with original or complex systems, they're a necessary evil - we need them to ease us in, or...

By GameSpot on 70

Zombies. The word alone conjures images from dozens of films, books, and games. After being heavily exploited by the media for more than a decade, zombies have infested every subgenre. How to Survive, arriving relatively late in this pop culture fad,...

By HardcoreGamer on 60

There are some rough edges with the animation and environments, but the overall package is fairly impressive. The soundtrack is good, but hurt by it not fitting the game at all. Still, it’s worth checking out if the concept intrigues you as and it’s a fine gateway game for those who are intimidated by the survival genre.

By IGN on 54

It's an adequate twin-stick shooter, and a few years ago that might have been enough. With so many zombie games out there now though, one this uncommitted to its own ideas can never hope to be more than just part of the horde.

By Co-Optimus on 80

How To Survive is an interesting take on zombie survival. It borrows from several different genres and manages to keep them all in harmony. The crafting is the most interesting spin on the game, and the co-op definitely heightens the experience. Combat and quests can become a little repetitive but How To Survive is a great little co-op romp. It definitely has some meat to it...

By TheControllerOnline on 70

That being said, for a zombie survival game, How To Survive does a lot of things right, such as the creative crafting system, the draining status system, and the heavy emphasis on survival and not just shooting anything that moves. If EKO Software made a few changes, they would have a real winner on their hands. Until then, How To Survive is its own worst enemy.

By Gameblog FR on 40

Il ne suffit pas d'avoir une bonne idée dans le style "jeu indépendant" pour que la mayonnaise prenne à tous les coups. Si le concept était séduisant sur le papier, à l'arrivée, la réalisation est bancale : maniabilité hasardeuse, gameplay répétitif et redondance visuelle, les défauts sont légion. Le côté défouloir du titre et ses options multijoueur sont appréciables, mais How To Survive fait davantage figure de Hack & Slash un peu raté que de jeu de survie réussi.

By God is a Geek on 60

How to Survive is more fun than it has a right to be. Schlocky voice-acting and ropey, ugly aesthetics can’t get in the way of what is a very addictive little Action-RPG with elements of Dead Island’s crafting system and State of Decay’s resource management. It’s not the deepest, longest or most imaginative of games, but How to Survive’s take on survival...

International Review By on 50

Entwicklerteam EKO Software hatte viele gute Ideen für How to Survive, doch leider wirken diese nicht bis zum Ende durchdacht. Da wäre zum Beispiel die Sache mit dem Überleben: Wir müssen Nahrung, Trinkwasser und eine Gelegenheit zum Schlafen finden. Das...

International Review By on

В How to survive имеется два режим игры: сюжетная линия и отдельные задания, оба варианта с двумя уровнями сложности.В последнее время всё больше появляется игр с элементами выживания (surviving), реализованными с разной степенью реалистичности....