Infested Planet

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  • Streamlined arcade-style take on traditional real-time strategy.
  • Alien foes throw all kinds of interesting surprises at you.
  • Ebb and flow of combat is fulfilling.


  • Upgrades menu is unintuitive to navigate.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 74

If you are a die hard RTS fan looking for a new challenge, Infested Planet's mutated hordes might be just what you are looking for. Everyone else be wary. Infested Planet is easy to pick up and play, but its alien army wants nothing more than to tear you...

By GameSpot on 80

The arcade-style flow of matches is grabby and pours the action on thick without sacrificing strategy, and the unique, colorful art style and excellent gameplay help set Infested Planet apart from its larger-scale brethren. Stomping aliens is far more fresh and thrilling than you'd expect.

By Gizorama on 80

As you advance further in the game, you'll realize your tactics need to change as often as the aliens and terrain. The size of the campaign, random map generator, and weekly challenges will keep any strategy fan happy for a long time.

By Vandal on 80

Infested Planet es un juego increíblemente ameno. Su jugabilidad es muy adictiva y fácil de digerir, aunque en los niveles más avanzados, un error de estrategia o de velocidad de reacción, y tendremos que comenzar de nuevo el nivel para volver a probar suerte.

By StrategyInformer on 80

Blasting away at alien hordes does eventual get a little repetitive as you fall back into the same routine of building turrets to secure captured zones and slowly pushing forward into enemy territory, and enemy unit design is a little uninspired (they basically all look like blue and purple grubs), but all in all Infested Planet takes a simple concept and makes it into a satisfying and addictive experience. Well worth your time.

By Strategy Informer on 80

Poor old aliens. All they want to do is expand throughout the universe, devouring all organic life. Then some whooping redneck jetpacks down from on high, wielding an assortment of high-tech weaponry, and blows their mandibles off. It's a hard life....