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By Gaming Nexus on 74

Everybody loves to jump on the “retro” train. Just take a look at the Indie category on something like Steam and you will see many devs crafting games that harken back to the classic 8- or 16-bit days of gaming, specifically in the visual department....

By HardcoreGamer on 70

JumpJet Rex should be a resounding success. It’s got all the elements there but they don’t quite fit together right. The level design is excellent, Rex is a really cute little guy, and his move-set is well thought out.

By GameSpot on 50

If you were born after the NES was in its heyday, the sparkly throwbacks now being released every couple of weeks might give you the impression that the era was just all killer, no filler for 10 beautiful years. In this dream world, Super Mario Bros. 3...

By technologytell.com on

Truth be told, JumpJet Rex ‘s only distinguishing quality is its fondness for time trials, which are at least relatively uncommon in 2D platformers ( Sonic the Hedgehog notwithstanding). To master a level and earn its maximum number of stars — a currency...