Kentucky Route Zero: Act 2

  • Kentucky Route Zero: Act 2
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  • Challenges typical adventure game conventions.
  • Lyrical writing that's laden with meaning.
  • Dialogue and descriptions read like prose poetry.


  • Lack of forward narrative momentum can be frustrating.
  • Slow movement and travel feel like a hindrance to exploration rather than a successful extension of the journey.

Expert reviews and ratings

By IGN on 91

Act II of Kentucky Route Zero provides another sharp walkabout into a beautifully surreal world. Though it poses more questions than it answers, it still left me pining for the next chapter. If the final three acts manage to be as powerful and evocative as the first two, Kentucky Route Zero is going to be looked back on as a tremendous and singular accomplishment in gaming.

By GameConnect on 88

The result is another fascinating chapter is what is shaping up to be one of the most intriguing adventure games in recent memory. Cardboard Computer have seen great success with Act I, and they could have simply continued to do the things that made that game work well, but instead they are forging ahead into new, unexplored areas.

By GameSpot on 80

Kentucky Route Zero's refreshingly unconventional tale of a road trip through strange and beautiful parts of America continues in this second...

By RiotPixels on 68

Рассказ топчется на месте, шарм выветривается, кредит доверия тает. Такими темпами Конуэй со своей псиной растеряют все шансы оставить след в истории компьютерных игр.

By GamesRetrospect on 80

If you played the first episode and it left you wanting more, Act II will not disappoint. Although this second part doesn’t answer a lot of questions about the Kentucky Route Zero universe, Act II is as gripping and stylish as the first entry in series.

By TheGameological on 80

Without giving away the ending of Act II, the final dreamlike scene through a forest is one of beauty and wonder both in art and atmospherics. It raises more questions instead of providing answers about the nature of this magical highway and the people in it, but that’s what I’m coming to expect from Kentucky Route Zero.

By Destructoid on 85

There were some hitches along the way, like the Zero being a bitch to navigate, some sound popping, and even a typo, but nothing too game-breaking to really deter the overall experience of the brief second episode. Each scene is a sight to behold and I am anxiously awaiting the next installment of this brilliant adventure.

By GameZebo on 90

Act II has confirmed a consistency in Kentucky Route Zero’s narrative, setting, and tone that we can only expect to continue throughout the next three installments. Now it’s just a matter of finding the off ramp and waiting for the next detour to appear.

By IGN IT on 90

Dopo aver fissato nervosamente lo schermo per mezz'ora in preda all'emozione, mi ci sono tuffato di faccia. Un'ora e mezza dopo, l'atto era completato e il mondo mi sembrava ancora più spoglio e inutile del dovuto.

International Review By Eurogamer on 90

Tycho fra Penny-Arcade talte for nylig om, at det ikke var et stort tab at miste sine digitale kopier af spil med tiden, fordi spilverdenen ikke rigtig har spil af Citizen Kane-kaliberen, som man har lyst til at gå tilbage til gang efter gang. Han...