Kings Bounty: The Legend

  • Kings Bounty: The Legend
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  • Solid gameplay based on a traditional tactical RPG formula.
  • Well polished game.
  • Totally addictive.


  • Not much in the way of innovation.
  • No multiplayer.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GadgetSpeak on 68

Mix fantasy, role-playing, turn-based strategy, warfare with the opportunity for marriage and divorce within a single game and the result is King’s Bounty: The Legend....

By Gamers Daily News on 75

Grab your sword and your horse and begin your magical adventure fighting monsters and gaining experience through battles and traveling to new lands in order to fight for your kingdom and king. You get the choice of being a paladin, warrior or a mage,...

By IT Reviews on

While Kings Bounty is hardly original, owing much to Might & Magic, its nevertheless an enticing blend of character levelling and strategic combat, with all manner of minor twists thrown in. It does, however, lack the finishing touches in some...

By NowGamer on 79

Tighter translation and a map editor is needed, but it’s still a great TBS. 7.9/10Print this pageUser reviews (0)Share this pageNoticed something wrong? Report error/mistake.Add to my profile pageGame...

By cnet on 80

One thing you can say for Kings Bounty: The Legend is that it fares a lot better than most resurrections of old games. While these digitalized archaeological digs generally reveal that you wouldnt want to go home again even if you could (Defender of...

By GameSpot on 80

Kings Bounty is a great modern rendition of an old-fashioned formula....

By Games Radar on 90

Great love triangles of our time: the frog, the zombie and us. Oh, how we long to marry both, but society’s cruel rules forbid it. Also, there’s no space for two wives on the character screen. Damn it. This is a strategy-RPG in the mould of...

By Craving Tech on

King’s Bounty: The Legend is very addictive. It’s the kind of game that will keep you hours of playing without you realizing it. There are plenty of quests available to keep you occupied from time to time.Although the main storyline of...

By GameZone on 82

Even with the lower standard of graphics and sound, the game is still above board in the fun department. I really like this title and thank it deserves some big time praise for bringing back the cool in single-player...

By BrightHub on 60

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By Strategy Informer on 80

KB:TL is a world saving RPG at its core with a mix of tactical combat thrown in. You start the game as a recent graduate into the ranks of the good king Mark. As his newest leader you are given charge of several army units and sent forth into the...

By GameSpy on 90

Remakes are a tricky business. Its always tempting to update a beloved property from the past so a new generation can appreciate it. But how much can you modernize without losing what made the original so compelling? Do it right and you get the new...

International Review By Bouweenpc on 80

Er was eens een fantasiewereld, zoals we die vaker hebben gezien. Dit land was gevuld met monsters, tovenaars en feeën, zoals we die vaker hebben gezien. In die wereld gaat een held er op uit om het land te redden, zoals we die – je raadt het...

International Review By Klikk on 100

Kings Bounty: The Legend er et av årets flotteste PC-spill. Her får utforske en rik og spennende verden med massevis av humor, og delta i intelligente og krevende taktiske kamper. Dette er et spill man blir helt forelsket i, og som dag etter dag...

International Review By on 80

Har du funderat på hur det skulle vara att leda en armé bestående av soldater, pilbågsskyttar, magiker, vampyrer, ormar, zombier, björnar, pirater, skelett, fiskar och kanske några orcher? Ja, möjligheterna är många och du får prova dem alla i...