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  • Huge character list.
  • Great story.
  • Fantastic visuals.


  • Unoriginal puzzles.
  • Technical mishaps, including game-breaking glitches.

Expert reviews and ratings

By T3 on 80

However, if you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe or if you even have a passing interest in the recent Marvel films, this game will scratch any itch you happen to have. It’s a stunning piece of games craftsmanship and any gamer of any age is likely to be seduced.

By PCAdvisor on 80

You could accuse Marvel Super Heroes of being the same as the LEGO games ever were, but that would be to ignore the fact it's bigger, better and more beautiful than any of its predecessors.

By PC Advisor on 80

With the same game studio now having made both Lego Batman and now Lego Marvel games, it's hard not to dream of a DC vs Marvel megamix further down the line. But fantasies of blocky Superman clobbering bricky Spider-Man will have to wait for another day...

By TrustedReviews on 80

The magic of Lego and the might of Marvel meet in the most powerful Lego vehicle yet. The open world framework has never been so detailed or so fully-realised, and while the missions don’t do much to move beyond the standard formula, a huge cast of heroes and villains keeps things fresh and thrilling.

By EuroGamer on 90

Like its predecessors, Lego Marvel has surface flaws - but it's so generous with its content, so clearly head-over-heels in love with the characters and world it's inherited from the comic page and cinema screen, and so reliably, reassuringly designed from the ground up to both enchant and inspire young...

By PC Mag on 90

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes lies at the intersection of comic books, toys, and video games, and slickly combines elements of all into one of 2013's most entertaining PC...

By Gaming Nexus on 88

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is an excellent LEGO game featuring a vast array of Marvel heroes and villains. Lack of online co-op and some difficult puzzles for younger ones holds it back a little, but not that much. You'll definitely enjoy the writing and...

By IGN on 90

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is the best thing to happen to Marvel games since 2006's Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It's a warm and witty, multi-layered approach to the brand that ties in hundreds of Marvel's most iconic characters, settings, and stories. While you can knock out the campaign story in around eight hours, the world is rich with content, and I've found myself up late every night...

By Polygon on 85

You can jump in a vehicle and race other heroes, perform small tasks to uncover gold bricks that open bonus levels, hunt down new characters to unlock and more. Finishing the story placed me at a mere 20% completion, and the abundance of stuff in Lego Marvel's New York City has provided me plenty of incentive to keep that number climbing well after the credits rolled.

By GameTrailers on 87

Some warranted frustration knocks the game down a peg, but on occasion quantity can trump quality. Well, maybe not exactly. It’s not that being drowned in figures, vehicles, unique levels, tons of bonus objectives and an open world is enough on its own, but each element is handled with enough TLC that there the mere minutes it takes to do a simple challenge can form an addiction.

By GamesRadar on 60

How often do you get to control legendary Marvel superheroes in an urban sandbox, flying around and destroying things as you please? Couple that with truckloads of pieces to collect and heroes to unlock, and Lego Marvel Super Heroes will serve as a terrific ally in the fight against boredom. Excelsior!

By GameInformer on 90

Traveller’s Tales continues its streak of making every one of its games better than the last, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a lighthearted game with plenty of replay – whether or not they have a closet filled with polybagged first editions.

By Cheat Code Central on 90

The LEGO games have always been something of a mystery to me. Albeit, they’re a good mystery, but a mystery nonetheless. On one hand, you have these great stories, pop-culture favorites, and on the other, they are presented in parody form, with the...

By on

What is it? Marvel super heroes unite as Traveller's Tales delivers another ambitious take on its classic Lego platform puzzling formula.What's it on? Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U.When's it out? 29 November 2013.If you've been keeping up with...

International Review By on 60

There are minor defects still left in this LEGO series but TT Games has managed to make some improvements, and with next gen versions of LEGO Marvel for PS4 and Xbox One, Super Heroes will surely treat you better. What makes Marvel Super Heroes...

International Review By on 80

Mit Lego Marvel Super Heros haben wir eine gelungene, humorvolle Inszenierung im Legodesign, die durch ihre vielen verschiedenen Möglichkeiten eine Menge Spaß und Witz mit sich bringt. Durch das äußerst spaßige Spielvergnügen und den vielen verschiedenen...

International Review By Techzilla on 73

Finali Nonostante i piccoli problemi accennati poco sopra, ho sicuramente trascorso delle ore piacevoli insieme a Marvel Super Heroes LEGO, infatti da grande fan Marvel ho apprezzato molto il connubio dell'universo creato da Stan Lee con la nostalgia...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Das Spiel beginnt mit einem aufregenden Kampf: Der aus den Spider-Man-Comics und dem dritten Teil der Marvel-Verfilmung bekannte Sandman versucht, einen der kosmischen Steine zu bergen. Der Spieler schlüpft in die Rolle von Iron Man und dem Hulk, welche...

International Review By on 80

Cerita yang serius dan penuh dengan kekerasan bukanlah syarat utama bagi sebuah game untuk mendapatkan skor yang baik. Banyak sekali game dengan gameplay sederhana yang dilengkapi dengan cerita yang lucu dan mendapatkan sambutan yang meriah...

International Review By on 80

По кирпичикам В самом деле, обвинять LEGO Marvel Super Heroes в том, что она как две капли воды похожа на своих старших сестер, как-то ну совсем глупо и неудобно. В рамках формата развеселого пародийного балагана взятая разработчиками еще в 2005 году...