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Artyom is back. The hero of Metro 2033 has to survive horribly mutated creatures in a post-apocalyptic Moscow. Last Light combines action-oriented gameplay with survival horror elements.

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By Maximum PC on 80

When Metro 2033 came out about three years ago, it didn't make much of a splash at first. The name and cover art didn't explain much, and its publisher did not have a Call of Duty–size ad budget. By the time we understood that it was set in a...

By MacLife on 80

Metro: Last Light is a strikingly pretty, unexpectedly thoughtful, and hugely enjoyable trip through one of the bleakest game settings ever devised.

By Expert Reviews on 80

An excellent blend of stealth and action, with a powerful story that only falls down once or twice in its lengthy capaign...

By on 85

When Metro 2033 was first launched three years ago, it was praised by almost everyone thanks to its setting and atmosphere. However, the game did have the nasty habit of bringing even the most powerful rigs of its time (and even some beasts right now) to...

By Techgage on

The Metro series tells the story of its protagonist Artyom, a man who is trying to survive after a nuclear holocaust in the only habitual place left on earth, the Metro tunnels under Moscow. The first game took many gamers by surprise, not only for its...

By Overclockers Club on

Does Metro: Last Light lead you to a better place, or is it best to remain in the dark about this title? Go towards the light. This game is definitely a strong, campaign-focused, survival-horror FPS that looks great, plays well, sounds good, and is just...

By on

Metro: Last Light takes us into the mutant infested, radioactive sewers of the Moscow underground. Can Mother Russia, and humanity, survive? Whether it be zombie outbreaks in Left 4 Dead or nuclear war in Fallout 3, gamers have recently grown quite...

By HardOCP on

On May 14th, 2013 Metro: Last Light was released. It is a post apocalyptic first-person shooter game, and the sequel to Metro 2033 which launched back in March of 2010. Metro: Last Light was developed by 4A Games , and published by Deep Silver . The game...

By Blogcritics on 80

Metro: Last Light is the sequel to the cult hit Metro 2033 which itself is based on a cult (at least in the West) Russian novel. Those who played the first game, which I did not, are saying this game corrects quite a few of the problems the first game...

By IGN on 77

Metro: Last Light is a bold post-apocalyptic FPS adventure uniquely told from the Russian point of view. Last Light’s setting and presentation are its strong points, though the last third of its 10-hour campaign is weaker than everything that came before it.

By Strategy Informer on 85

Metro 2033 I personally considered my best FPS of 2010 but it was not without its flaws, which many gamers wouldn’t be able to see past. The guns were unsatisfying, stealth just didn’t work, checkpoints were all over the place, and there was one...

By PC Authority on

The environment really doesn't like you in Metro: Last Light. It's the same setting, true, and a lot of the same environmental challenges as its predecessor, Metro 2033, but they all seem amped up to truly diabolical levels in Last Light. And it's kind...

By EuroGamer on 70

If anything, Last Light feels like a regression. Similarities abound, but this is a more conservative FPS, one looking at the competition rather than itself, and one with some terrible missteps. So go in with low expectations, and you might be pleasantly surprised. Not the highest praise, is it?

By GameStar on 86

Außerdem erzählt er eine Geschichte, die uns emotional mitnimmt. Manchmal in eine Richtung, die wir am Schluss eventuell bedauern. Denn auch Metro: Last Light kommt wieder mit zwei möglichen Enden daher, abhängig von Entscheidungen, die wir im Laufe der Handlung bewusst oder unbewusst fällen.

By Vandal on 85

Metro: Last Light es un buen juego y que a pesar de lo saturado que está el género actualmente, consigue ofrecer algo diferente, muy divertido, adulto y de calidad. No se desmarca demasiado de lo visto en su anterior entrega, ya que se trata de un título bastante continuista en ese sentido, aunque consigue mejorarlo en casi todos sus apartados.

By 3DJuegos on 88

Metro: Last Light es una de las muy buenas noticias que nos deja el género shooter este año, y es un título que no defraudará a los fans de las experiencias cargadas de personalidad. Su rico universo, su impresionante apartado gráfico y su apasionante punto de partida se cuentan entre las mejores virtudes de un juego más accesible y directo que su primera parte.

By GameInformer on 88

Masochistic fans will appreciate the harder difficulties that recreate the grueling experience of the original, but no matter how you approach it, exploring Last Light's absorbing world is wholly entertaining.

By ZTGD on 85

I highly recommend playing through both games in the order they were released if you enjoy that type of experience. 4A has created something special, and I think all gamers owe it to themselves to give this series a chance.

By Polygon on 85

It's a hand-wringing, apologetic shooter that offers great gunplay alongside more peaceful options. Last Light has every opportunity to be bloated and inconsistent, but it never succumbs to the pressure of its own expectations — and that's worth tolerating a few frustrating technical hiccups.

By VentureBeat on 83

How did the mutants evolve so quickly? And what’s going on with all those ghosts? Technical issues might have marred my experience, but Glukhovsky and 4A Games built such a captivating world, and I didn’t want to leave. I might just have to read those books after all.