Monaco: Whats Yours is Mine

  • Monaco: Whats Yours is Mine
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  • Amazing atmosphere.
  • Really interesting story.
  • Novel artistic design.


  • Some unfair difficulty walls.
  • Too easy to evade guards.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Realm of Gaming on 95

PCIn Monaco, things never go as planned. You come in with exactly the right crew, mark out the guards and coordinate the plan. Action. Computers hacked, electric grid down, guards knocked out---the one of you looks the wrong way for a moment, a...

By Expert Reviews on 100

Brilliant heist-themed fun, especially for sofa-sharing gamers...

By on 80

At first glance, Monaco's neon-tinged visuals lead you to believe it's a co-op hybrid of Thief and Pac-Man, peppered with pixel-art story vignettes that frame the action in terms of films such as Welcome to Collinwood and Ocean's Eleven. You (and a team...

By Tech2 on 85

With the recent dearth of full-blown AAA games, we figured it'd be a great idea to take advantage of the free time and play some indie games. One of the games that immediately caught our attention was Monaco: What's Yours is Mine. A fan of the stealth...

By PC Mag on 90

Monaco is a co-op experience not to be missed—meticulously designed, artistically unique, and delightfully...

By PCGamer on 90

An amazing blend of high stakes and comedic timing, one that will leave you hungry for constant four-player action.

By IGN on 90

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine delivers one of the purest and most enjoyable cooperative experiences I've had in quite some time. With a great atmosphere and deceptively simple mechanics, it stands out as one of the most unique and addicting games of 2013.

By EuroGamer on 90

Like any great thief, then, Pocketwatch Games understands the tremendous power of suggestion. It's tagged you as an easy mark - and it's got that man on the inside, too.

By GameSpot on 70

The appeal of stealth ties in largely to how scared you are of being caught, and because it's so easy to escape in this downloadable game, the tension slowly evaporates. Even with the soft-headed guards, it's still a lot of fun to roam through this novel adventure.

By Edge on 80

There’s a breadth of tools for the job - smoke bombs, shotguns, EMPs - and lots of freedom; Pocketwatch isn’t afraid for you to crumble its levels to dust and carve your own path. It may not be the game of stealth the blueprints and lingo of red exclamation marks suggest, but Monaco’s loot and scoot play has a winning personality that’s all its own.

By EGMNow on 85

The demanding difficulty may be a turnoff for some, but Monaco manages to deliver an impressively minimalist twist on stealth that doesn’t sacrifice the depth or strategy the genre is known for.

By Polygon on 70

When Monaco is working - when two or more people are picking through its stages, evading traps, conking out guards, and breaking into dangerous territory, it clicks like an expensive safe. It nails the white-knuckled, Hollywood heist motif with style. But you’re going to need like-minded friends - and a whole lot of patience - to get there.

By GameSkinny on 90

I love it. The music, the sounds, the colors, the controls, the story, the mechanics, the characters, the co-op play, the simplicity. I could go on and bore you some more, but I'll go ahead and stop.

By Softpedia on 90

Great cooperative experience, both when playing stealthily or when playing chaotically. When going at it alone, it can be a bit tough and you're practically forced to make "safe" choices like the Cleaner or the Mole, but it's still quite enjoyable and requires a bit of practice to master its missions.

By Destructoid on 95

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine truly is a game for anyone and everyone. It is simple enough to pick up and immediately understand how things work, while at the same time offers the complexity to have multiple players spend a few minutes sitting still, devising a self-titled "Best Plan Ever" complete with tracing the plan on the screen with fingers, saying “Ready? GO!”, only to see it backfire in seconds.

By DigitalSpy on 80

There is so much to like and discover about Monaco: What's Yours is Mine - just make sure you have some good friends along to share the spoils.

By CVG on 83

Part stealth, part chase, all hilarious. A game with as many moving parts as this is bound to crush a few fingers in the process, but this is an intelligent and unique action-puzzler that's great in co-op. A little plodding in single-player, mind.

By IncGamers on 100

I’ve played for 25 hours and I’m not even remotely close to being bored with it. Monaco is a fantastic and unique take on the stealth genre and a showcase of excellent design, and you should make it yours. Not getting your hands on this would be a crime.

By GamingTrend on 92

It’s refreshingly original in terms of visual design, unique in its approach to the stealth game genre, and it offers a load of co-op fun that makes it an absolute steal at the default $14.99 USD Steam price, to say nothing of the price you get with the 4-title bundle option. Give this one a look, because so far it’s probably the best indie game to come out this year.

By GamesBeat on 80

Monaco is an amazing co-op game. It works both as an arcade-style romp and as strategic game that rewards deep thinkers. If you don’t want to play with others, however, I would skip it. Everyone else should invite some friends over for some wild elbow-bumping couch cooperative action.