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By Trusted Reviews on 90

It's hard to improve on what was almost puzzling perfection, so rather than revolutionise Monument Valley, the eight new stages on offer in Forgotten Shores act as more of the same – more simple of the outside, but deliciously difficult on the inside...

By PC Advisor on 90

Achieving the unusual feat of simultaneously making the brain struggle to understand it and being relaxing, Monument Valley has deservedly been a big iOS hit. Fusing the reality-bending optical illusions of Escher with gentle puzzles and a laid-back,...

By CNET Australia on 80

With jaw-dropping artistic level design and challenges people of all ages can enjoy, Monument Valley is well worth your...

By on

Monument Valley was one of the best mobile games of last year, and that trend continues with the title's second expansion, Ida's Dream.Ida's Dream, which was actually released last year as part of an in-app purchase Project (RED) charitable promotion...

International Review By Les Numériques on 80

Rêve éveillé, parcours initiatique, remueur de méninges, Monument Valley est une œuvre d'art mouvante dont le joueur a le contrôle. Digne successeur, sur mobile, du magnifique voyage que fut Journey , ce jeu vous transportera tout en vous demandant un...

International Review By Level 7 on 90

En återkommande fördom om spelen är på App store är att inget av dem är värt att ta i ens med tång. Med den inställningen riskerar man att missa de pärlor som finns där. Ustwo släppte nyligen sitt debutspel Monument Valley där. Liksom Malmöbaserade...

International Review By on 90

Monument Valley é um jogo de descoberta, um guia para resolver os enigmas que nossa própria visão cria. O conceito do jogo é brilhante e o fato de estar todo em português, é mais um convite para se aventurar. Porém, quem esperava uma jornada longa e...

International Review By on

iPhoneで週末やったゲーム「Monument Valley」。現実にはあり得ない建造物を動かしながら、姫を脱出させるのですが、ステージがエッシャーのような錯視を利用していて、ちょっとタマリマセン。・ Monument Valley – ustwo™あまりゲームが得意ではないながら、せっかくiPhone 6 Plusもあることだし、遊んでみよう、ということで、ゲームフォルダを埋めていくべく、週末ごとにプレーすることにしました。この週末で遊んだのがMonument...

International Review By on

„Monument Valley“ könnte stellenweise noch etwas knackiger sein und dürfte meiner Meinung nach gern über die in etwa 2 Stunden zu bewältigenden 10 Level mit teils mehreren kleinen Schauplätzen hinaus gehen. Die Mischung aus dichter Atmosphäre,...

International Review By on

Monument Valley – это элегантная китайская шкатулка, скрывающая в себе секрет. Стоит нажать на невидимую кнопку, как коробочка раскроется, превращаясь в нечто совсем иное.Жанр головоломка Платформы iOS Разработчики ustwo Издатель ustwo Сайт...