Need for Speed: Most Wanted

  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted
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  • Great visuals.
  • Thrilling.
  • Great handling makes driving a pleasure.


  • God mode undermines the challenge.
  • Repetitive police chatter.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GameSpot on 75

Police chases provide plenty of reckless, high-speed thrills, and seeing friends dominate the billboards in your city fans the flames of friendly competition in an innovative and very effective way. Most Wanted isn't quite a return to the racing paradise of some earlier Criterion games, but it's a mostly exciting ride nonetheless.

By Metro UK on 80

The best NFS game so far, even if the improvements are mostly minor and the underlying game still lacks personality.

By Cubed3 on 90

One that has been given time and dedication by a developer with excellent technical skills. Better yet, it's a genuinely good game with enough content to last a long while. Any racing game fan is going to feel at home behind the wheel of Most Wanted.

By XGN on 85

Het is alleen jammer dat de GamePad digitale triggers heeft waardoor je toch een beetje finesse mist. Met dat als enige echte minpunt finisht de Wii U-\versie van Most Wanted voor de andere consoleversies.

By 3DJuegos on 90

Esta conversión del clásico arcade de velocidad de Criterion y Electronic Arts supera en prestaciones y poderío técnico al resto de versiones para consolas HD, aportando además nuevas funciones que le otorgan una mayor frescura. De lo mejor que es posible encontrar ahora mismo en las estanterías de títulos.

By DigitalTrends on 85

The bells and whistles Criterion adorned this release with don’t intrude on that sweet racing, but they also feel like a missed opportunity. As such, Need For Speed: Most Wanted isn’t the definitive version it could have been.

By EuroGamer IT on 90

Se siete utenti alla ricerca di un titolo adrenalinico, avete trovato pane per i vostri denti da non lasciavi scappare (anche vista la mancanza di concorrenti di peso come Forza Horizon o Motorstorm); se già avete avuto modo di giocarlo non troverete niente di diverso nel gameplay che ne giustifichi un nuovo acquisto.

By TheArmchairEmpire on 85

The game doesn't feature the exhaustive customization options of game's like Gran Turismo; instead Criterion successfully delivers a beautiful looking and fantastic adrenaline packed racing experience.

By IGN on 92

You don't want to miss out on this experience definitely one of the Most Wanted games of this year when its boiling in your must drive safely.

By GamePlanet on 85

When played alone, Need for Speed: Most Wanted feels too large and too empty, a game devoid of compelling content and one that doesn't provide enough reasons to play. When played online, however, it is instantly transformed into a far more vibrant, manic and exciting place to be.

By NZGamer on 91

This is a whole new, uber-improved racer that will change your view on the Need for Speed franchise for the better. Best enjoyed with eye-drops as you won’t want to blink.

By DarkStation on 70

It’s just unfortunate that a decent amount of fun gets lost in its design. Though the magic doesn’t feel as alive in this latest incarnation than it has in the past, there’s an enjoyable and slick game in Criterion’s Most Wanted.

By GamingXP on 79

Alles in allem liefern Criterion und EA aber einen unterhaltsamen Online-Racer ab, der jedoch weder als Revolution in die Annalen des Genres eingehen wird, noch ein glorreiches Kapitel in der Franchise-Geschichte schreibt.

By CCC on 94

Need for Speed Most Wanted is a highly refined open world street racing experience that offers a little bit for everyone. Collectors will have fun trying to steal every car in the game, while more explorative types will enjoy scouting the lesser-travelled areas to find speed cameras and smashable billboards.

By GameRevolution on 90

At times Most Wanted elicits the hungriest of addictions, feeding on the player's desire to beat more and more friends. While a few gamers might find the ride too fast or too arcade-y, racing fans of all shapes and sizes will find hours and hours of fantastic rivalries.

By DigitalChumps on 90

There's even a "suggested friends" tab in the options screen for friends of your friends who also have the game. The social experience can be both asynchronous or real time, and skipping out those yields a lower appreciation of the end product.

By BrightHub on 100

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By Expert Reviews on 80

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (NFSMW) lets you race souped-up cars the way they were supposed to be raced: illegally. Taking its cues from dodgy action flick The Fast and the Furious, NFSMW is a surprisingly fun driving game. Your job is to get to...

By Expert Reviews on 100

Fasten your seat belts for another fun-filled, adrenaline-fuelled racer from Electronic Arts Need for Speed stable. If youre not familiar with the previous titles in the Need for Speed series then there isnt much to learn. The idea is simple:...

By Maximum PC on 90

Need for Speed has always been about driving really fast cars in beautiful real-world locations. Unlike boring driving sims, where the focus is on making perfect corners and minimizing your lap times, NFS eschews realism for pure action, raw speed,...