Need For Speed: Rivals

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  • Impressive visuals.
  • Great value.
  • Some of the slickest controls this side of a Burnout game.


  • Few noticeable problems holding it back.
  • Conspicuous AI rubber-banding.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Pocket-lint on 80

What Rivals delivers is a fun ride with the added bonus of taking down bad guys or evading the cops depending on what your slant is. Get bored with one and you can easily switch between cop and racer, so there's added variety. We've had loads...

By New Game Network on 81

Need for Speed Rivals is a fun, addictive racing title with seamless multiplayer integration, but stiff controls and occasional technical hiccups hold it...

By on 70

If Wikipedia is to be believed, we're currently on the fourth generation of Need for Speed games with the release of Need for Speed: Rivals. With (relatively) new studio Ghost Games at the helm, we expected some radical departure from the work of...

By TrustedReviews on 90

A cracking next-gen debut for Need for Speed, and an open-road arcade racer to rival the mighty Forza Horizon. Rivals betters the cops vs. robbers angle of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and the new AllDrive feature does a fantastic job of blending the pleasures of single-player racing with the excitement of online play.

By IGN on 80

I was looking for more explorations, depth, and variety, and in this department Rivals is slightly wanting, though it’s innovative approach to incorporating multiplayer does just enough to compensate.

By Digital Trends on 75

Need for Speed: Rivals encourages the griefing of other players by making it the most fun thing to do in the game. The controls are smooth enough to make the act of racing fun, but there just isn't enough to do There are only seven mission types in...

By Polygon on 85

Needing to accelerate back up to high speeds from zero meant giving up first place as often as not. Even when playing offline, I also sometimes noticed AI cops and racers spawning into the world in front of me.

By EuroGamer on 90

Before downsizing, Criterion created some of the last generation's very best arcade racers in Hot Pursuit and Burnout Paradise. Ghost Games has carried on that torch and crafted a racer that any of its competitors would do well to match in the new generation.

By GameTrailers on 84

Need for Speed Rivals is still a fun and exciting ride. Hunting down your prey as the police or getting to your hideout in the nick of time is exhilarating, and constantly sharing a social sphere with other players feels like a natural step forward for a series intent on putting players on opposing side of the law.

By Destructoid on 80

And through AllDrive's connectivity, I loved being able to race up alongside someone and mash L1 to instantly challenge them to a head-to-head showdown. Ramping jumps, drift contests, dodging speed traps -- it's all a blast. There's simply too much fun to be had here to get hung up on the gripes.

By TheEscapist on 90

Need for Speed: Rivals is like the love child of GTA and Grand Turismo. It avoids the repetitive closed-course race tracks in favor of a fun, free-spirited open world racing experience.

By ShackNews on 90

As you try to dominate the map, take down racers, and unlock the fastest cars, you'll always be mindful while playing online: anything can happen, and that's pretty awesome.

By GameSpot on 80

Need for Speed: Rivals is very much in the tradition of Hot Pursuit, but that great, familiar gameplay has been infused with enough new elements to make it as thrilling here as it's ever been. It sure is good to hit the open road again.

By GamesRadar on 70

It's fast, it's fun, and while its paintjob is marred by a few scuff marks, it's a worthwhile offering for would-be street racers. Let’s just hope developer Ghost Games decides to keep the potato for a little while.

International Review By on

Need For Speed kembali meramaikan industri game balapan. Ghost Games adalah penanggung jawab pengembangan yang baru, bekerja sama dengan Criterion Games, yang juga merupakan studio game pembuat franchise dengan genre yang sama, tetapi lebih...

International Review By on 80

Need for Speed: Rivals - Test/Review (+Video)Autor: Christoph Miklos Datum: 13.12.2013 - 02:37 Tweet Auch in diesem Jahr schickt Publisher Electronic Arts einen neuen Need-for-Speed-Teil ins Rennen. Für die Entwicklung war das neu gegründete Ghost...

International Review By on

Video review: Need For Speed serisinin yeni oyunu Need For Speed Rivals, test merkezimizin konuğu oldu. Battlefield 4'den tanıdığımız Frostbite 3 motorunu kullanan NFS Rivals, Ghost Game ve Ciriterion Games tarafından hazırlanmış. Need For Speed Rivals hakkında...

International Review By GameElite on 70

Sannie anser att alla av nya konsoler releaser bör innehålla minst ett bilspel. Han har testat Need For Speed: Rivals och frågan är om det håller måttet som releasespel. Var konsol förtjänar ett bilspel vid release, Xbox One har exempelvis både Forza...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Litten die vorangegangenen Ableger der Need for Speed-Reihe unter zweifelhaften Design-Entscheidungen, macht Rivals nahezu alles richtig - angefangen bei der offenen Spielwelt, über die nahtlose Integration des Multiplayer-Modus bis hin zum...

International Review By on

Einer der Launchtitel für die Microsoft Xbox One ist Need for Speed: Rivals. Need for Speed ist wohl die bekannteste Rennspiel-Reihe und mit dem neusten Teil, der nun auch für die NextGen-Konsolen erschienen ist, zeigt das Spiel was grafisch so alles...