Reign: Conflict of Nations

  • Reign: Conflict of Nations
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  • Real-time strategy for challenging game play.
  • Can be free form play or historically accurate.
  • Unique looking.


  • Tutorial/quest system are tightly timed and sometimes vague or unbeatable.
  • Poor AI.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Strategy Informer on 60

So what do you do if you're stuck in the middle ages and half the global population has just been wiped out by a plague? Same thing you do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world! As we're deep in 1C territory with Reign, that predictably...

By Gaming Nexus on 54

Reign: Conflict of Nations, from Lesta Studios and 1C Publishing, drops players none-too-gently into the role of monarch in medieval Eastern Europe, and seems to laugh manically as they claw to keep their heads above water. At least, that's how I felt...

By GamingShogun on

Reign: Conflict of Nations is a great blending between real-time and turn-based strategies that can run the gambit between manageable to maniac game play. With the choice between historically accurate play and free run of the field, this game works...

By Hooked Gamers on 60

Some games are too creative for their own good. There is a fine line between trying to create something new and refreshing and something so artistic that it becomes abstract and difficult to understand. Reign: Conflict of Nations falls into the latter...

International Review By on 55

Nach Aggression: Reign over Europe schafft es ein weiteres Spiel der Lesta Studios in die Strategie-Abteilung der Händlerregale....