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  • Beautiful aesthetic mix of rich.
  • Colorful 3D elements and animated 2D cut-outs.
  • Tense and exciting multiplayer.


  • Mechanics become monotonous as the game draws on.
  • Boss encounters are a strange.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Gamer on 75

Knockabout in every sense, Rock of Ages is quirky, fun and characterful. Just don’t expect longevity or...

By Techgage on

For whatever reason, history bores me. But add massive boulders, some Monty Python-esque humor and lots of color - and then I'm intrigued. Rock of Ages is a game unlike any other. At its heart, it's a tower-defense game, but with its merging of...

By Neoseeker on 80

Following up on the success of Zeno Clash, ACE Team’s next project is more family-friendly but just as unusual as their first-person brawler. Rock of Ages combines three completely unrelated game genres and the result is a budget-priced offering...

By on 75

Rock of Ages remains fun despite its problems, and makes for some great local competitive play. The campaign gets annoying at times because of the time constraints with defense building, but is quirky and funny enough that it ultimately remains worth...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 81

I’m not a big fan of the “tower defense” genre, but Rock of Ages is anything but your typical tower defense game. With presentation elements inspired by Monty Python that poke fun at everything from movies like 300 to Lord of the Rings, and some of...

By PC Advisor on 80

This boulder-based tale of destruction and history doesn't entirely live up to its early promise, but it's nonethless a singularly bonkers and good-natured game full of ideas and character you'd be hard pushed to find in anything else....

By Strategy Informer on 85

The tower defence genre has been moving in an increasingly action-focused direction as of late. The likes of Toy Soldiers, Sanctum and Trenched have kept the core principals of the strategy subgenre intact but have also let players experience the...

By GameSpy on 70

Pros: Beautiful aesthetic mix of rich, colorful 3D elements and animated 2D cut-outs; tense and exciting multiplayer; fantastic sense of humor.

Cons: Mechanics become monotonous as the game draws on; boss encounters are a strange, often frustrating addition; tower-defense elements can be left by the wayside.

By GameZone on 75

Over the single player campaign, you’ll run across 23 stages, where you’re pitted against some characters from old-school mythology. You don’t taking them on in plain combat. Instead, you’re given control of a rolling boulder with a fancy design,...

By Cheat Code Central on 80

It's rare that we see a truly original idea in a video game. Rock of Ages, however, gives the world something it has never seen before: A bizarre hybrid of platforming, racing, and tower defense. While the game doesn't have as much of a fun factor as...

International Review By on 50

Rock of Ages är en film som är baserad på en broadway-musikal ifrån 2006. Filmen fokuserar på fiktiva händelser som utspelar sig i LA’s Sunset Strip. En plats som är känd som 80-tals rockens mecka. Alla de största banden under sent 70-tal till sent...

International Review By MadBoxpc on

PresentaciónAquí es donde Rock of Ages se destaca, el arte es simple pero genial. Ocupan arte antiguo para representar a sus personajes, pero lo hacen de una forma cómica que logró que pasará toda la campaña con una sonrisa en mi rostro y me hizo...

International Review By on 90

Nome: Rock of Ages Gênero: Arcade / Estratégia Distribuidora: Atlus Plataformas: Xbox Live Arcade, PC / Mac (Steam)Exibido entre 1969 e 1974, o programa de comédia britânico Monty Python's Flying Circus era pontuado por pequenas animações criadas por...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Stets mit dabei: Sisyphos' kugelrunder Freund, ein Felsklotz mit nettem Grinsen. Mit ihm werden Gefechte gegen Gegner wie König Leonidas, Giovanni diMedici, Plato, Karl der Große, der Sonnenkönig Ludwig XIV. oder die personifizierte Pest...

International Review By Skillpoint on 80

Jag kan inte annat att beundra hur ACE Team gör sitt bästa i att få den stora massan att skita fullständigt i dem. De släppte för några år sedan Zeno Clash, ett fantastiskt beat ’em up ur förstapersonsperspektiv med en av de härligaste och galnaste...