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  • Attractive, streamlined presentation.
  • Intuitive design.
  • Flexible mission mode.


  • No recording.
  • Some HDMI latency.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on

Rocksmith 2014 is a very powerful learning package for all students of the guitar. It's full to the brim with useful features and functions, the tutorials are first class, and the ability to modify the digital tone that plays through the computer's...

By on 100

Is Rocksmith a complete package for helping you to play guitar? No, but it's probably the best featured single product available. Why do I say that? Well, learning anything is a very subjective thing. People absorb and learn things in very different...

By CNET Australia on 90

Learning guitar: everyone wants to do it, many try it, most fail and move on with their lives with a pang of regret. Rocksmith 2014 offers another...

By EuroGamer on 90

PC players may be better served by more serious software such as Guitar Pro, but even there, those looking for a softer, more approachable tutor will find tremendous value in the game. Rocksmith 2014 joins that small club of video games that imbue their player with a truly transferable physical skill.

By PC World on 80

Rocksmith 2014 is an incremental update to the original guitar game/education tool Rocksmith, but the innovative Session Mode makes it all...

By HardcoreGamer on 90

Before beginning my time with Rocksmith, I couldn’t play a guitar. Hell, I didn’t even know how to properly hold one (the guy at Guitar Center jovially assisted me). But after a few hours with Rocksmith, my skills improved in the sense that I was no longer a guitar-virgin, and had a basic understanding of the dos and do nots.

By Tom's Guide on 80

The concept of "Rocksmith 2014" is a simple one that's been tried before, with varying degrees of success, including in the game's predecessor, "Rocksmith." In that game, developer Ubisoft created a rock music rhythm game, à la "Guitar Hero," but...

By IGN on 90

What makes Rocksmith 2014 such a great companion for any guitarist or bassist is its power to incentivise: it’s capable of sparking new passions or rekindling old ones in players of all skill levels via its successful gamification of common guitar-playing techniques. It’s smooth, flexible, always encouraging, and makes practicing a pleasure...

By GameSpot on 80

Rocksmith isn't going to be replacing the likes of a keen ear, a copy of Guitar Pro, and a good set of tabs for me, but when I think back to when I bashed out my first clumsy Green Day chords on guitar, I'd have killed for as good a teacher as this.

By IncGamers on 80

If you’re a reasonable musician, you’ll likely adore Session Mode, as well as the option to learn some new songs and hone your skills with the Guitarcade games. Finally, if you’re the next Joe Satriani… well, how would I know? I’m rubbish.

By GamesRadar on 80

But, you must be fully invested--which potentially means spending a significant amount of money on the proper setup. If you are, there is literally no other game or piece of software available now that offers anything close to what Rocksmith does.

By HardwareHeaven on

Video review without...

By Trusted Reviews on 80

Rocksmith was a fine guitar game and a very useful teaching tool, but Rocksmith 2014 does an even better job of both, with clearer visuals, a better structure and some brilliant tutorials, skill games and practice modes. If you want to play guitar, we...

By Cheat Code Central on 92

A few years ago, Ubisoft saw a gap in the music-game genre. Sure, it was fun, even then, to hear some of your favorite songs while you bash away on plastic buttons. But there was something missing. No one knew how to really play the songs after they...

International Review By Eurogamer on 80

Sidste år bragede Rocksmith ind på scenen med et produkt, der var mere værktøj end spil. Ubisoft har valgt at fortsætte stilen i år med Rocksmith 2014, som i bund og grund er en opdatering af forgængeren og derfor hverken kan betegnes som et spil eller...