Sam and Max: They Stole Maxs Brain!

  • Sam and Max: They Stole Maxs Brain!
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  • Voice acting is superb, puzzles are challenging and the customary Sam and Max humour abounds
  • You get to see the angry “bad cop” side of Sam. You can mess around with different interrogation styles
  • Noir style game play and fantastic voice acting.


  • Hardly any of Max’s involvement, which means less cheeky evilness than normal
  • DogInterrogation is new to this episode. You have to listen to the characters talk and interrupt them at the right time to get the info you need. There are different techniques you can use like intimidation, you can tell them to get to the point, or you can use Noir which basically depresses the perp into telling you what you need to know. You can also accuse them of lying but in order to do tha

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By Gaming Nexus on 77

Warning: Do not read this review unless you have completed both The Penal Zone and The Tomb of Sammun-Mak. This review contains spoilers that will ruin one of the biggest surprises in Sam & Max history. Don't worry, I will wait for you to finish,...

By Hooked Gamers on 75

The Sam and Max series reaches its midpoint with the third episode of the five episode series. They Stole Max’s Brain starts off in horrible fashion, with the sight that our favorite rabbity-thingy has had his brain removed. Of course, the normally...

By GamerTell on 98

Someone stole Max’s brain and Sam is furious and vengeful. He won’t stop until he finds the culprit who stole his best buddy’s cranium. As Sam, you have to interrogate perps (with the help of his old buddy Detective Flint Paper), and eventually use...

By Neoseeker on 90

Those evil minds are at it again. In the latest episode of The Devils Playhouse, we find Max with his head opened like a can of tuna. As Sam returns from the bathroom, a streak of blind rage surges through his system seeing his partner standing blind...

By Cheat Code Central on 76

Sam & Max is never a series that’s lacking for imagination. The Devil’s Playhouse has been interesting enough thus far, with the furry freelance police first taking down a space-gorilla in the season’s debut episode, followed by a proverbial trip...

By GamingShogun on

Telltale Games has just released the next episode of the Sam and Max season - They Stole Max's Brain! Will Sam be able to find Max's brain and restore his buddy to working order, or will Max's body begin to smell even worse and have to be disposed...

By Armchair Empire on 85

More than one adversary throughout the Freelance Police's many zany adventures has accused Max of being a mindless numbskull. In They Stole Max’s Brain!, Max proves that accusation as true, as the furry, frenzied bunny loses his mind –...

By Gamers Daily News on 75

At this point if you’re reading a mid-season review of a Sam & Max episodic adventure game, I’m going to assume you know the basic series tenets. By now I probably don’t need to tell you most of the game is about zany humor and ’use towel on phone...

International Review By on 77

Eine Episode, die wahre Kopfsache ist. Aber ist sie das auch vom Rätselniveau her?...

International Review By on 80

They Stole Max's Brain leverer en herlig og variert dose med eventyrspilling og humor, og hvis du ikke har investert i den tredje Sam & Max-sesongen enda, er det på tide å gjøre det nå. Med denne episoden har vi passert halvparten av sesongen, og den...