• Sanctum
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  • Excellent tower defense/FPS gameplay.
  • Arcade style friendly to both lengthy play sessions and short bursts.
  • Gorgeous presentation.


  • Occasionally inconsistent difficulty.
  • Lack of narrative "rewards" to spur progress.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GamePro on 80

This first-person tower defense title is a fun, frenzied experience that presents a novel take on a tired genre.The tower defense game in which you play an active role (which no-one seems to have come up with a snappy acronym for yet) is an...

By PC Advisor on

Out-of-nowhere hit Sanctum offers gorgeously-presented and excellent tower defence meets FPS gameplay, really only marred by inconsistent difficulty....

By NZGamer on 80

Tower Defence, originally invented as a web-based strategy experience, is quite a bit like a real time strategy game. The difference is that your only focus is defense (your goal is to prevent waves of enemies from penetrating your defences and...

By AtomicGamer on 70

Tower defense games are finally starting to break out of their mold. We're now seeing interesting takes on the genre, where you control the attackers instead of the defenders, or even go one-on-one with a live opponent. But what could be the most...

By Games Radar on 70

“Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man.” General Patton said that. Dude was dead wrong, or at least he never played Sanctum. Created by indie developer Coffee Stain Studios, Sanctum is not your average tower defense...

By GameZone on 70

Players assume the role of soldier/interior decorator Skye, who has been assigned to protect her hometown of Elysion One from alien invaders. Of course, this job means defending a glowing orb of technology with towers from the suicidal otherworlders...

By Cheat Code Central on 76

Here's a secret about me: I like tower defense games. When I'm stressed after a long day of work, watching wave after wave of creeps fall to my expertly designed defenses is just the pick-me-up I need. But tower defense has long been the subject...

International Review By GameCaptain on 72

Sanctum ist genau das Richtige für Leute, die bei einem Tower-Defense Spiel schon immer mal mitten drin statt nur dabei sein wollten. Das Spiel bietet Strategen einiges an taktischen Möglichkeiten und Strategien. Besonders im Multiplayer ist...

International Review By computertotaal.nl on 70

Sanctum is een goede mix geworden van twee populaire genres: de first-person-shooter en tower-defense. Hoewel het shooter-gedeelte duidelijk een secundaire rol speelt, is het een leuke toevoeging om zelf iets te kunnen uitrichten. Er zijn helaas niet...

International Review By GamingXP on 70

In „Sanctum“ schlüpfen Sie in die Rolle eines Soldaten und müssen gefährliche Monster von Ihrem sogenannten Core fernhalten. Zahlreiche Tower und Felder mit Upgrade-Möglichkeiten stehen Ihnen hierzu zu Verfügung....

International Review By Gamereactor on 70

Skövdeborna i Coffe Stain Studios spar inte på krutet när de gör spel. I Sanctum river de ner fler väggar än andra studios gör under hela sina karriärer. Viktor har...

International Review By zeden.net on 80

Sanctum est un bon FPS indépendant qui propose une expérience de jeu originale et addictive. En solo, et encore plus en coopération, le jeu arrivera sans aucun doute à trouver son public avec un subtil mélange d'action et de...

International Review By Zeitgeist Game Review on

As I was planning my late March and early April, I thought it was going to be a rather dull and boring time with not too many big-name games being released. Luckily, Indie developer Coffee Stain Studios contacted me and asked me to check out their...