• Shank
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  • Graphics look good.
  • Great voice acting.
  • This game oozes style.


  • Virtually unplayable without a game controller.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Gamer on 39

Shank is a visually attractive but completely shallow excuse for a 2D brawler game. Frustrating combat doesn’t...

By GamingShogun on

Shank on the PC falls under the unfortunate category of great console games which have suffered serious mal-treatment in their being ported over to the Windows PC platform. Read our full review of this game, After the Break.Full Review:I was so...

By GameZone on 80

Shank is a man with no time to mess around. If his name didn’t show that – quite literally emphasizing his favorite past time – then the gameplay and structure of Klei Entertainment’s new side-scroller should. Shank is one mean...

By IGN Gear on 70

Last year, I fell in love with Shank based on its promise and presentation, but after finishing the game, the honeymoon is over. I can appreciate the things Klei pulled off, and in many ways, they’re achingly close to something magical. However,...

By ZTGamerDomain.com on 89

A beautifully stylized tale of revenge.They say revenge is a dish best served cold. If that's true, then Shank is an ice cold entrée. Ok, enough of the stupid comparisons. Just like the main protagonist of the game, let's get right down to...

By Blogcritics on 80

Both when Shank was announced and preview screenshots were released for it, it generated a lot of buzz. The stylized graphics, the promise of slick 2D brawler gameplay, and over-the-top violence were a tempting package for many gamers itching to beat...

International Review By Gamers on 73

Ich muss ehrlich sagen, dass „Shank“ mich persönlich ziemlich enttäuscht hat. Nach „Scott Pilgrim gegen den Rest der Welt“ habe ich mir einen weiteren Prügelkracher erhofft, aber spielerisch kann...

International Review By Gamereactor on 60

Der er umiddelbart så mange elementer ved Shank, der gør at det burde være et spil lige for mig.Hvor de fleste andre sværger til gigantisk opsatte storproduktioner, er mange af mine bedste actionoplevelser nemlig stadig mindre spil...