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  • Inventive gameplay builds on existing conventions to create something fresh, Outstanding soundtrack, Memorable boss battles, Good implementation of leaderboards, A few new modes not included in the PSN version.


  • Too easy to lose sight of the ball at times.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Advisor on 80

Taking a turn on the brick breaking chain gang, Sidhe has produced a near-classic game with Shatter. Just don't expect the experience to last long or change much. Visit GamePro UK . Brick-breaking games return every few years with a title that...

By PCWorld India on

Brick-breaking games return every few years with a title that takes the gaming world by surprise. Arkanoid charmed players back in the 80's with specialized projectiles, laser cannons, and other power-ups that crossed genres with other popular game...

By Yet Another Review Site on 80

DaveShatter is a great indie title from Sidhe Interactive, which manages to showcase all the great things about independent game making. Free from franchises, huge-budget expectations and genre-pigeonholing, independent games tend to focus on the...

By NZGamer on 85

I’ve always had a fascination with paddle games. No, not those sort of games – I mean the brick smashers where you hit a projectile into bricks in order to smash them apart. The aim of the game is usually nothing more than to clear the area of...

By Gaming Age on 77

Shatter isn't necessarily a new game. It hit the PSN about half a year ago and was met with some great reception. Now, it has been ported to PC and delivered through Steam for it's new audience. What's new? What's not? What's...

By Gamers Daily News on 80

Arkanoid and Breakout might have been the inspiration for Shatter, but they are so far down the family tree that the only recognizable trait in common is the brick busting. One might be more accurate in saying that Shatter, by Sidhe and available...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 90

The latest, and probably greatest, of the classic brick-breaking genre, Sidhe Interactive’s Shatter succeeds and revolutionizes pioneering videogames such as Atari’s Breakout from 1976. The original concept for this genre was very simple:...

By Play TM on 83

Shatter was first released on the PlayStation Store and subsequently won 'IGN's best PlayStation Store Game of 2009'. Now the game has come to the PC, with a few new game modes to boot. Shatter itself is nothing extremely new, instead it...

By GameSpot on 80

Shatter is brick breaking at its best--simple, innovative, and...

By GameZone on 85

Everyone knows the “brick-breaker” genre: Pong-like mechanics allow the player to ricochet projectiles across the screen in a destructive and occasionally glorious manner. Dazzling visuals and funky backdrops have followed the genre’s...

By Cheat Code Central on 92

Chances are that you've played a "Breakout clone" game before. There are dozens of them out there, from well-known games like Arkanoid to cell phone games like Brickbreaker. Every one of these games has the same basic gameplay: you bounce a ball...

International Review By Gamereactor on 80

Det er næsten fyrre år siden PONG udkom og pionerede selve ideen om computerspillet. Efter alle disse år har det stadig sin charme, men særlig underholdende er det ikke. Shatter er spillet der forsøger at puste nyt liv ind i det...