Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

  • Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
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  • Awesome new playable units; new campaign mode and story; greatly Improved multiplayer options.


  • Really bad voice acting for Darth Vader; story Campaign shorter then original even for an expansion game; once again hero unit overkill.

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By The Lobe and Mail on

Forces of Corruption MARK STANISZ Canadian Press Get ready to be thrown back into the middle of the Star Wars universe with Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption — the expansion to Star Wars: Empire at War. In this real-time strategy PC...

By GWN on 90

A great new dimension is brought to the already stimulating Empire at War game. With more units more missions and a whole new faction to play with this game is great. Now go corrupt the...

By TweakTown on 80

When it comes to Star Wars in gaming, LucasArts has it covered. Whether its first person shooters, third person action, or real time strategy - and even some in between the three - there seems to be a Star Wars game out there for you. While not all...

By GameZone on 83

Earlier this year when Star Wars: Empire at War came out I was really impressed with what the developers at Petroglyph were able to do with the license. Unlike many of the other real-time strategy games that have come out under the Star Wars license,...

By GamePro on 80

There are few better settings for an RTS than in the Star Wars universe; the characters are unique, the vehicles are huge and powerful, and the environments are varied. Besides, who wouldnt want to order around a fleet of Star Destroyers to decimate...

By cnet on 81

Spec: Strategy, 1 Player, Teen

By Strategy Informer on 80

The biggest addition undoubtedly is the new third faction led by the galactic crime lord Tyber Zann. With completely new units the whole expected grind between the Rebellion and the Empire is blown aside. Considering before this game was released...

By Atomic MPC on

Those hanging out to dabble with the dark side of the shwartz, err, force, will be delighted with the latest add-on for LucasArt’s RTS flagship, Star Wars: Empire at War.Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption now allows players to harness...

By CNET Australia on 100

Forces of Corruption introduces new units for all three factions. In the original Empire at War, players could choose to be on the side of the Imperials or Rebels, with the main goal being to take control over the galaxy by conquering enemy planets....

International Review By TweakUp on

I det tidligere anmeldte spil, Star Wars emoire at War spillede du enten Rebel Alliance eller Galactic Empire. Nu i Forces of Corruption spiller du mod begge sider, nemlig som Underverdenen. Korruptionen flyder gennem dine blodårer, tyveri og mord er...

International Review By GamePlayer on 70

Star Wars: Empire at War är det bästa strategispelet baserat på Star Wars-licensen. Så enkelt är det. Okej, konkurrensen är ju inte direkt benhård och därigenom var prestationen inte den största, men faktumet...

International Review By on 80

Nu finns det än en gång anledning att ge sig iväg till den där galaxen som ligger så långt, långt borta. Anledningen är expansionen till det utmärkta spelet Star Wars - Empire at War. I expansionen bjuds du inte bara på det vanliga lullullet med nya...