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  • Inexpensive.
  • Excellent soundtrack.
  • Very Addictive.


  • Very difficult.

Expert reviews and ratings

By DroidGamers on 90

If you’re in for a grueling experience that would make you curse and tempt you to throw your phone (or tablet) out of the window, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be getting this off Google Play right this instant. You can thank me later.

By TrustedReviews on 90

Super Hexagon is so difficult it'll make you weep tears of blood, but you won't care because you'll have been sucked into its evil universe and so just can't help yourself from continually hitting retry.

By PC Gamer on 90

A frenzied, elegant action game that pulses with great music and demanding thrills, for only...

By IGN on 90

Super Hexagon is a work of art skillfully combined with monstrous difficulty. The game is both hypnotic and addictive, and unless fast-twitch gameplay entirely alienates you, you’re going to get lost in this sea of shapes.

By SlidetoPlay on 80

But for those of you crazy enough to take the challenge you’ll find Super Hexagon to be one of the most brilliantly designed, thrilling games on the market. You may want to consult a doctor first, though.

By Destructoid on 100

Games rated 10 aren't perfect, since nothing is, but they come as close as you could get in a given genre. The new must-have game in its sector, we're talking pure ecstasy.

By Edge on 90

Super Hexagon weds zen-like design purity with the highest order of twitch-reflex athleticism. It revels in the ineffable dance of muscle memory, the act of shutting off your brain and trusting your thumbs to guide you improbably to safety.

By TouchArcade on 90

Inexpensive, innovative, and sensory-spinning thrills of this caliber are rare, so I suggest taking a ride on the Super Hexagon while it's on sale for $0.99 before it settles into its regular $2.99 price tag.

By VideoGamer on 80

Super Hexagon is hard enough to infuriate, but its competent design makes it inviting as well. This game will invite you to have one more try (taking less than a second to restart), and it'll invite you to immerse yourself and play instinctively too: for a game like this, that's the greatest invitation of all.