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  • Super precise controls.
  • Fantastic level design.
  • Hundreds of built-in levels, plus thousands of user-generated ones.


  • May be too difficult for casual players.
  • Less enjoyable sans gamepad.

Expert reviews and ratings

By eTeknix on

wpcol_1half id="" class="" style=""]2010's indie classic “Super Meat Boy”, designed by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes and developed by Team Meat broke over 1 million sales in January this year. The downloadable puzzle game has been a...

By Mac|Life on 80

It may not look like much with its simple, retro-style graphics, but Super Meat Boy is one of the finest 2D platformers of all time. Product Super Meat Boy Company Team Meat Contact Price $14.99 Requirements Intel Core 2 Duo,...

By New Game Network on 84

The marketing for Super Meat Boy suggests that it is “hard as nails” but that seems like something of an understatement given the vague connotation of the phrase. No other platformer in recent, or even distant, memory will test your twitch...

By TechTree on 90

Expert Review Like any hardcore gamer, I absolutely detest the idea of inclusive gaming - the scourge taking over the industry, where developers dumb down games to target the women, children, old people and complete n00bs, who wouldn't otherwise...

By GameSpot on 95

This sublime platformer provides tons of challenge, precise controls, and incredible level design that will keep you glued to the...

By PC Gamer on 90

A delightfully challenging platformer, and the most fun you’ll have by dying...

By IGN Gear on 90

Super Meat Boy is one of the best modern platformers. It's infuriating, exasperating, and arduous, but it's also delightful, thrilling, and hilarious. The NES games of yore were simultaneously simpler and more challenging than today's games,...

International Review By GameElite on 60

Super Meat Boy är precis om namnet antyder ett spel om en köttpojke. Alltså, huvudpersonen man springer och hoppar runt med är en slafsig, röd klump av kött. Nu är det inte riktigt så hemskt som det låter,...

International Review By on

История простенькой игры Super Meat Boy чудесна и...

International Review By Gamereactor on 90

Det ser ikke ud af meget som udgangspunkt. En plat hovedperson og nogle enkle platformselementer. Men efter en tur med Super Meat Boy er jeg sikker på at jeg har oplevet et af årets bedste platformsspil. Selvom størstedelen af det...