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By PCWorld on 40

Sorry true believers - this Spider-Man game is just as disappointing as all the other Spider-Man games have been for the last decade or so.

By GamingShogun on 100

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has been around in movies, television and video games for decades and he always has his young, sarcastic wit and super-human abilities. Still, when it comes to video game titles based off movies there is a stupendous...

By EuroGamer on 20

Sullied by lacklustre gameplay and trampled by technical shoddiness, this time Spidey hasn't been done in by the Sinister Six, but reduced to a Terrible Two.

By Cheat Code Central on 58

Movie licensed video games don't just suck, it's more complicated than that. More often than not, they are depressingly mediocre. You can't make a Transformers game a generic shooter. Players want to be transforming into cars! You can't make a...

By on

Platform: Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii UWhen a movie-related video game releases at the same time as the film, usually there's a question of what corners were cut so that the game could make its release. After all, working under a deadline can be...

International Review By on 59

Für Fans vom Spinnenmann ist The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ein Vergnügen, in dem man sich nach Herzenslust frei durch New York mit seinem Lieblingshelden bewegen darf. Der Spaß währt nur kurz, denn schon nach kurzer Zeit stellen sich merkbare Wiederholungen...

International Review By on 57

Kai Schmidt: Bei The Amazing Spider-Man 2 scheint man während der Produktion nach dem Motto »Wir haben doch keine Zeit!« gearbeitet zu haben. Man merkt dem Spiel von vorne bis hinten an, dass es eigentlich mehr sein wollte als ein erbärmlicher...

International Review By on

Обычно достаточно чуть пошаманить в меню консоли и поднастроить телевизор, как все неудобства уходят в прошлое. Но только не в случае с новым «Спайдер-Мэном». Я честно выкручивал яркость на максимум и полчаса копался в опциях 360-го, но все тщетно –...

International Review By on

Na pewno doskonale pamiętacie, jak wygląda podróżowanie za pomocą pajęczyn w większości gier z Człowiekiem – Pająkiem w roli głównej. Superbohater w obcisłym, charakterystycznym stroju strzela nićmi z nadgarstków, które magicznym sposobem przyczepiają...

International Review By Computer Bild on

Eine Spinne mit Identitätsproblemen: „The Amazing Spider-Man 2“ wäre gerne „Batman – Arkham City“, entpuppt sich aber als schlechte Action-Kopie seines großen...

International Review By on

For each thing Gameloft did right with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it seems to have gotten two things wrong. While Manhattan has been beautifully realised (at least by mobile standards), its been weighed down by clumsy controls, and random drops in frame...

International Review By on

The Amagazin spider man 2 il gioco è uscito da poco e noi l'abbiamo provato, ecco la nostra recensione. The Amagazin spider man 2 dopo il grande successo dell'omonimo film, esce in video game, ma che era in lavorazione anche da prima dell'uscita del...

International Review By on

2012′s reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise had a lot going against it, especially the ire of fans who felt like it was a desperate attempt for Sony to hold on the webslinger's movie rights for the foreseeable future. Despite all that, I enjoyed it...

International Review By on

Da poche ore disponibile in App Store ed ispirato alla pellicola cinematografica, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 di Gameloft è il gioco che abbiamo deciso di testare immediatamente su iPad Air, seguiteci in questo video dove prenderemo nuovamente i panni del...