• The War Z
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  • Tense atmosphere, since you never know when you could be killed.
  • Atmospheric; long view distance; full refunds available.


  • Brutal player killing and cheating are spectacularly frustrating, Micropayment system is a tremendous ripoff, Broken zombie behavior, Huge, mostly empty map, Dated visuals and animations
  • Rife with hackers; death is far too frequent; missing features.

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By PC Gamer on

12Next »The War Z’s mindless unpeople are only dangerous in large numbers. Hackers and spawn campers are the real threat.I can see the benefits to having an identical twin. I mean, being followed around by someone that shares all your genetic...

By GameSpot on 20

Brutal player killing, bugs, missing features, and expensive micropayments are the true drawbacks of the impending zombie...

By GameSpy on 10

Somewhere out there in The War Z's zombie-infested Colorado map is food and drink, supplies, and weaponry to help fend off the undead and other players. The challenge, for me, was putting up with its awkward movement controls, the hackers, and the...

By PC Authority on

If gaming of this genre is anything to go by, then the future is looking extremely bleak for the human race when the zombie apocalypse finally hits us. Not exactly from the zombie horde itself, but rather the other survivors; they're the ones who...

International Review By Eurogamer on 30

3 /...

International Review By zeden.net on

The War Z , comme DayZ mais en mieux ? Cette année, s'il y a bien un mod qui a fait sensation, c'est DayZ . Il s'agit d'un jeu open-world post-apo peuplé de zombies, dans lequel le but est simplement de survivre. Si le mod a...

International Review By Gamezoom.net on

Die aktuelle Alpha-Version von The War Z kann man gut und gerne als DayZ-Abklatsch bezeichnen. Ausgangssituation, Interface und sogar die Items wurden fast 1:1 aus dem beliebten „Original“ übernommen. Trotz einfacherer Steuerung fehlt...