Thunder Wolves

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  • Great mission variety.
  • Solid mechanics that build well on one another.
  • Powerful weapons make it fun to blow things up.


  • Rather short, and gives little reason to return.
  • Over-the-top attitude can get carried away.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 85

Thunder Wolves is a great shoot 'em up with a hint of tactical finesse required now and then. It certainly packs quite a bit of bang for your bucks. Grab another controller and a good friend to have even more fun in the co-op multiplayer...

By GameSpot on 70

Thunder Wolves would feel more at home in a different time. It doesn't last long, and there are not a lot of complex or nuanced mechanics, but those aren't really needed here. Helicopters, explosions, and swearing. That's what you're going to get. Sometimes, shallow is nice.

By TheControllerOnline on 75

As long as you set your expectations the same as you would with any summer blockbuster action movie, you’ll have a good time with Thunder Wolves. It’s not very deep, but it has great air controls, more than enough big guns and plenty of explosions to keep you entertained, especially when you have a friend along for the ride.

By Co-Optimus on 80

The arcade style of gameplay makes for an entertaining ride you and a friend will want to plow through and come back for more. If you want to let loose for a couple hours and just watch the world burn, Thunder Wolves is your one way ticket to an explosive nostalgic paradise.

By OneUpGaming on 100

If you are a hardcore, then it is surely is worthy of something more than a try, but if you are a soft-hearted, two words of advice: Stay Away!. You can't probably go wrong by buying this game, knowing that this is a second-tier game. With a must-play tag all over the game, it surely comes recommended. "Action+Fun+Excitement (with arcade game-play)== Thunder Wolves!"

By GameSpot on 70

Thunder Wolves captures the essence of a good, excessive 1980s action...

By HookedGamers on 77

But if you want more from your games than single-minded shooting and explosions, then look elsewhere. You might want to know, however, that the thirteen missions will be over rather quickly and therefore the price at which the game is sold may be seen as a bit high.

By HardCoreGamer on 80

By focusing on what makes flying a helicopter fun, and making that a varied and rich experience, the crew behind Thunder Wolves have not only created a great game, but a great blueprint for other developers to follow when they think about working on their own helicopter projects. Just please, fix the vertical ceiling and ditch the cheesy nu-metal soundtrack.

By CalmDownTom on 50

So if you can overlook the games questionable morals, you can have a lot of fun with Thunder Wolves. For me though, this was a perfectly enjoyable arcade game, ruined by a nihilistic, regressive and cynical attitude towards humanity and human decency.

By 4Players DE on 69

Bosskämpfe sind zu einfach und die Ausweichmechanismen der Helikopter zu mächtig. Auch der Umfang neben der im lokalen Ko-op spielbaren Kampange könnte größer sein, zumal es abseits von Ranglisten keinen Online-Mehrspielermodus gibt. In diesem Sinne: „It’s not Rocket Science – it’s just Rockets!”

By EuroGamer DE on 60

Ein solides, kleines Shoot 'em up, das obendrein fehlerfrei funktioniert. Letzten Endes passt die Beschreibung „fire and forget" wohl ganz gut, sofern man es wirklich wörtlich übersetzt. Ein paar Stunden Spaß haben und wieder vergessen. Gegen eine etwas längere Fortsetzung mit mehr Optionen, einem ausgebauten Koop-Modus...