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  • Neat overall concept.
  • Graciously brief.
  • Fitting and lovely music.


  • Amateurish writing.
  • Woefully easy puzzles.

Expert reviews and ratings

By New Game Network on 88

A genuinely beautiful game, which combines a touching story and a fantastic...

By on

Ever want to go to the Moon? How about if you could think you did? That is what happens in Freebirds' To the Moon. Two doctors run a machine that allows memories to be implanted into people (dying patients, in particular) to make them believe they...

By GameSpy on 50

You can't push the nature of storytelling in games forward without a few stumbles. To the Moon, an indie adventure game with a somber story in sci-fi trappings, attempts to jettison any preconceived notions of what makes good game fiction, but its...

By Gamers Daily News on 80

I don’t think I have ever connected with a game like I have with To the Moon. It has a narrative unlike any that I have seen, with characters that really seem alive. Add in a wonderful soundtrack and some phenomenal artwork, and you get an indie...

By on 75

To the Moon is a challenging game to write about because the only real reason to play it is the story. I could go deeper into the plot, but spoiling it would be a great disservice to any potential players; suffice to say that the story is good enough...

By GameSpot on 80

To the Moon relies on a ridiculous premise: Scientists tap into your memories with a special machine and then change them so that you might be granted a deathbed wish. It then uses that premise to tell a bittersweet and thematically rich story about...

By GamePro on 100

Despite its sobering lack of heavy action, To the Moon is a thought-provoking experience that'll keep you engaged from beginning to end.To the Moon isn't a game that will have you glued to your seat. It doesn't have the pacing and action of a...

By Ars Technica on

If you took a classic Japanese-style role-playing game and stripped it of all the traditional gameplay mechanics—experience points, equippable weapons and armor, usable items, and even combat itself—what exactly would you be left with? And more...

International Review By on 100

Det er vanskelig å si mye om et historiefokusert spill som To The Moon uten å skulle røpe de mange øyeblikkene som skiller det fra alt annet jeg har spilt det siste året, for ikke å si tiåret. Jeg skulle gjerne gjort det, for To The Moon er et spill...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Mit "To the Moon" wollte sein Schöpfer Kan Gao eigentlich gar kein Spiel kreieren, sondern eine Geschichte erzählen, die teilweise durchaus autobiografische Züge trägt. Deshalb bietet sein Indie-Kleinod, das bislang nur online erhältlich war und Ende...

International Review By on

To The Moon is door zijn sterke focus op narratief en de ontwikkeling van personages een ontroerende ervaring die je lang zal bijblijven. Door spelers vooral bezig te houden met de ontwikkeling van personages en de voortgang van het verhaal, is To The...