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  • Ridiculously great graphics.
  • Great environment.
  • Lara's world feels brutal, dangerous and frightening.


  • No tombs.
  • Poor dialogue.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechSpot on

Although this year's Tomb Raider reboot made our latest list of most anticipated PC games, I must admit that it was one of the games I was least looking forward to from a performance perspective. Previous titles in the franchise have received mixed to...

By PC Authority on 100

Despite featuring one of gaming's most identifiable heroines, the Tomb Raider series has never been known for its storytelling. If anything, the attempts to impose a story on Lara Croft's adventures have tended to lead to the worst iterations of the...

By LanOC Reviews on

I think Tomb Raider is a good game. I love the graphics and audio, and the story was interesting enough to keep my attention. The gameplay was pretty good for the most part, but the overuse of annoying quick time events frustrated me to no end. The open...

By on 90

Over the past 17 years we have followed Lara Croft's adventures from the ground-breaking original Tomb Raider, through to the much maligned Tomb Raider: Underworld. Now Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have brought us the long awaited reboot of,...

By Strategy Informer on 85

Reboots are a risky old business. Any media franchise can begin to grow old and tired, gimmicks and ideas that previously enthralled audiences leaving people cold - and videogames are no exception. There’s something else present in gaming, though -...

By Play TM on 93

It has been a while since Lara Croft has graced out consoles. In the meantime Nathan Drake has wooed us with his roguish charm and reminded us what adventure gaming should be all about even if his nice-guy demeanour is at odds with his body...

By HardOCP on

Tomb Raider is the fourth Tomb Raider game developed by Crystal Dynamics, and the 10th game in the franchise, though this version is a sort of reboot for the series. It's a new Lara, and it's a new Tomb Raider that will make many fans of the old series...

By GameSpot on 85

Tomb Raider is an exhilarating action adventure that serves as a terrific origin story for the iconic Lara...

By PCAdvisor on 70

Tomb Raider is uneven, too obsessed with trying to be a movie and to copy its great rival Uncharted at the expense of, well, tomb raiding, but underneath the bluster it definitely contains a modernised take on the adventuring the series is known for.

By NZGamer on

It was when Lara Croft shot a would-be rapist through the mouth that I knew Tomb Raider was going to be different. It’s not often that a single moment in a video game forces you to sit back, pause, and think about what just happened. That moment, less...

By The Inquirer on 90

The long awaited release is a prequel to the series enjoyed by a largely young male crowd for almost two decades, portraying the female protagonist at her most vulnerable. In Tomb Raider , Lara is a young lady of 21 years with no prior experience of...

By New Game Network on 93

Lara Croft has definitely returned, and fortunately, much like its protagonist, the Tomb Raider franchise hasn't changed, it has simply...

By PC Gamer on

Tomb Raider 12Next »Stranded on the mythical island of Yamatai following a freak storm, 21-year-old Lara Croft’s career as a videogame protagonist begins with suffering. In the opening hours of Tomb Raider she is stabbed, burned, drenched, assaulted...

By CNET Australia on 91

Lara Croft gets an origin story and a new beginning in this adept game that revitalises the aging franchise....

By IT Pro Portal on 80

Tomb Raider does for Lara Croft what Casino Royale did for Bond and what Batman Begins did for Batman. Some fans might not like the new tone or the new Lara, and parts of the gameplay leave me cold, but it brings the action back into a more believable...

By on 100

Tomb Raider resurrects Lara Croft with style. Nathan Drake better watch out....

By AUSGamer on 90

It’s a better Uncharted game than Uncharted 3 was, and goes a long way towards reminding us of the value of the Triple-A blockbuster in a market where smaller indie efforts have started to get so good that we need such reminders. This is an extremely impressive reboot...

By EuroGamer on 80

So goodbye, old Lara. Your time is up. Hello, new Lara. If you can stop hacking people to death for five minutes, we'll get along fine.

By GameSpot on 85

But with its excellent controls, engaging heroine, thrilling combat, and fascinating setting, it doesn't need to. Lara may be covering some previously charted territory here, but Tomb Raider is so well-crafted, you won't mind at all.

By Edge on 80

Whether she’s huddled up against the cold or sending five men to their doom with an explosive arrow, this is still Lara Croft, one of gaming’s most distinctive heroes – and now she has a personality that extends far beyond the bounds of her bra straps. If the purpose of a reboot is to redefine a character and set them up for the future, then this is a job well done.