Towerfall Ascension

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  • Chaotic combat rewards precision.
  • Variants offer interesting new ways to play.
  • Great stage variety.


  • Multiplayer is limited to offline only.

Expert reviews and ratings

By IGN on 89

Every second is a mad scramble for ammo, powerups, and survival that, while sadly limited to local play only, kept my group of four players glued to their controllers with its highly competitive action. Even the single-player and co-op Quest mode is worth playing to practice your skills before going into battle.

By EuroGamer on 90

Classic board games don't get marked down for only being playable with real-world humans, though, and nor should TowerFall Ascension. This is the type of game that creates memories and dissolves friendships, soundtracked by the pained swears of the defeated and the uproarious cheers of the victors. If that's not worth moving your life around for, then what is?

By Polygon on 95

It's not that the Quest and Trials modes are lacking in quality; it's that the multiplayer, and its toy box full of variables, possesses the stuff in unparalleled quantities.

By GameSpot on 80

Online play is completely absent as well, which further compounds this issue. With a few friends, Towerfall Ascension is a fantastic multiplayer game that offers a ton of variations on its enjoyable archery combat. Just make sure those friends can join you on the couch.