Tropico 4: Modern Times

  • Tropico 4: Modern Times
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  • Interesting new buildings like ecofriendly farms and modern apartments, New edicts let you take El Presidente beyond the Cold War.
  • It's more Tropico; New buildings and edicts are a blast in Sandbox mode; New timeline feature forces players to change up their strategies.


  • Repetitive campaign loaded with tedious obstacles, No significant changes from the original Tropico 4, which was a lot like Tropico 3, Some serious bugs.
  • Monotonous campaign; Recycled jokes; Story is little more than a chore list.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 85

The Caribbean islands you build in Tropico have always felt a little, well, dated. The buildings available felt stranded in the 60's (or earlier) – crummy apartment blocks, radio stations, and simple docks were about as far as technology went. The...

By GameSpot on 55

Welcome to life after the Cold War, El Presidente. Tropico 4 has been dragged into the future with Modern Times, an expansion that moves the Banana Republic simulation into today's high-tech world of cell phones and Facebook. But ditching the golden...

By GameSpy on 70

Tropico has never been a complex series. If an island hosts a stable economy, then its ruler can ignore elections, the happiness of the populace, and natural disasters; if a problem arises, simply smother it under a pile of money. The fun comes from...

International Review By I Am Gamer on 85

Tropico 4 - Modern Times - TestDie Welt geht wieder mal vor die Hunde. Finanzkrisen, die Vogelgrippe, militärische Konflikte und Spannungen zwischen den Supermächten, rauben den Politikern unserer Erde den Schlaf. Wer soll das ganze Chaos nur...

International Review By on 86

Das Erweiterungspack soll nicht nur neue Gebäude und Missionen bieten, sondern das Spielgeschehen auch mit zusätzlichen Elementen aufpeppen....

International Review By on 88

von Stephan Petersen Hat El Presidente den Sprung ins 21. Jahrhundert geschafft? Auf jeden Fall! Nach wie vor macht es Spaß, als Hobby-Diktator sein Insel-Reich aufzubauen. Klasse ist vor allem, dass hierbei mehrere Wege zum Ziel führen können....