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  • Expanded research tree.
  • Great tactical gameplay.
  • Increased map variety.


  • Easier endgame.
  • Game balance disrupted by MECs.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Authority on 100

In these days of quick-fix DLC it is rare to encounter a proper expansion pack, one that takes an original game and builds on it in new ways, creating an experience greater than the sum of its parts. Enemy Within is such a product, adding a new layer of...

By PCWorld on

But me? I’d rather play Enemy Unknown some more. I never even mastered that entry, and as someone who both takes his time in turn-based maneuvering and also feels a need to snag every collectible item on a map, Meld made me frustrated more than it added to my play through. Something to consider.

By micromart.co.uk on 90

The modern-day revival of the X-COM turn-based strategy games last year gave PC gaming one of its best modern-day highlights. X-COM: Enemy Unknown recaptured the tension, menace and hour-sapping qualities of the original UFO: Enemy Unknown. It had its...

By New Game Network on 74

Those tired of Enemy Unknown's formula will not find compelling improvements or changes here, though fans will find enough new content to merit another go at vanquishing the Alien...

By MacLife on 90

If you enjoyed Enemy Unknown and are ready for more, XCOM: Enemy Within's additions and alterations make it a must-buy.

By PCGamer on 85

It doesn't significantly address Enemy Unknown’s shortcomings, but adds more great, challenging experiences to an already great game.

By PC Gamer on 85

The fantastic Exalt missions, gene mods, and MEC Troopers are an excellent reason to play more...

By Digital Trends on 100

Nitpicks are few. While the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game weren't available for comparison, the PlayStation 3 version of Enemy Within is particularly buggy. Textures are slow to load, both during a battle and back at XCOM base, and the game...

By EuroGamer on 90

All of this is exacerbated still further when playing on Classic difficulty or with Ironman mode enabled, where you're constantly worrying about what to do next or second guessing the action that you've just taken. Much like the genetic modifications that it champions, XCOM: Enemy Within is an experience that gets under your skin.

By GameSpot on 80

That seems to be the pattern of XCOM. The tale always grows in the telling, and with this entry, you find yourself in a world richer and more enjoyable than the one you experienced before. With a world this finely crafted, it's fitting that we should get to save it all over again.

By IGN on 90

More than ever, XCOM is a spectacular tactical game full of stories and characters you create for yourself, and is best enjoyed in Iron Man mode on Classic difficulty to enhance the emotional highs and lows of victory and permanent defeat.

By VideoGamer on 90

This is an XCOM refresh – resetting the rules of the game you once knew, and encouraging you to play it in ways you’d never tried to. In my mind I’ve merely dabbled with these changes, and still have so many ideas I’d like to try. I’ve played it for 27 hours.

By GameFront on 92

Sure, new maps and units are added, unit costs have been rebalanced, and you can now edit your squad outside of a match, but the core issues remain: you cannot play versus an AI opponent, and it’s just a basic squad-versus-squad battle in which two players select from a pool of stock units, with no persistent rewards or consequences.

By StrategyInformer on 90

Enemy Within makes for an incredible, and fresh, journey as you fight to save the world one more time, and it’s definitely worth picking up eventually. We would totally understand though, if you wanted to wait for a steam sale or something.

By TheEscapist on 80

Enemy Within is a solid expansion to an excellent game, with options like MECs, medals and gene mods that make you want to stomp aliens all over again in exciting new ways. The first two thirds of the campaign are definitely improved, but EW doesn't solve the problem of slogging through the endgame.

By LazyGamer on 90

XCOM: Enemy Within takes an already excellent game and makes it bigger and better. The addition of Meld, Gene Mods, Cybersuits, and the EXALT faction creates a wholly new experience -- a must-have for fans of the core title.

By GamesRadar on 90

If anything, saving the world is harder than ever. You might find yourself wishing for a few more new aliens, or guns, or story missions (I definitely did) but the additions are undeniably cool. While Enemy Within isn't a huge makeover, it's enough of a facelift to make the trauma of devastating loss worth enduring, be it for the first time or the fifth.

By ShackNews on 90

Equal parts frustration and elation, XCOM: Enemy Within is a bonafide fist-pump producer, taking players through the same emotional peaks and valleys of the original. Like most expansion packs, Enemy Within is targeted towards the experienced. But Firaxis once again manages to balance...

By Destructoid on 90

If you haven't played the newest XCOM yet, now is a perfect time to do so with the Enemy Within package. For all the XCOM veterans out there, you'll find a solid amount of new activities to engage in, as well as an unprecedented amount of squad customization. In other words, this is now the definitive Enemy experience.

By CVG on 92

You might think your Major is invincible, but all it takes is one bad move, exploding car, or chrysalid claw to unceremoniously end their life, which makes XCOM a surprisingly personal - as well as hugely entertaining - game.