LEPA G 700 G700-MA 700W

  • LEPA G 700 G700-MA 700W
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  • High efficiency overall, Tight enough voltage regulation at 12V, Inaudible even at full load, Decent ripple suppression, Five year warranty
  • Build Quality, Rail Stability, Low Noise Levels, 80Plus Gold, Price tag


  • Low price/performance ratio (with normal price), Terrible performance of both minor rails at Advanced Transient Response Tests, Loose voltage regulation on the minor rails, Low efficiency at 5VSB
  • Availability (For Now)

Expert reviews and ratings

By Pureoverclock on

The Lepa G700-MA is a solid power supply that delivers very good features and performance and does it in style as well; that is, if you don't mind a bit of flash with that gold-coloured fan. It may be a love-hate thing, but we think it looks good....

By techPowerUp! on 83

The LEPA G700-MA left me with mixed feelings, that's for sure. On one hand it registered high efficiency (ultra high at low loads) and its fan is really quiet so the noise haters will really appreciate this unit. On the other hand voltage regulation...

By Real World Labs on

With performance identical to the Modu87+ 700W by Enermax and a much lower price tag the LEPA G700-MA seems to be the ideal choice pretty much for anyone who is not planning to use two Radeon HD 6990's or two GeForce GTX 590's. True the...

By Kitguru.net on 90

The LEPA range of power supplies are targeted by Enermax at the ‘mid range’ sector. A few weeks ago we looked at the , a great design at a very competitive price point. Today we test the G700, a modular design with 80 Plus Gold...

By Hardware Secrets on

The LEPA G700-MA is a terrific power supply, with outstanding efficiency above 90% if you pull between 40% and 60% of the unit’s labeled power (i.e. between 280 W and 420 W), good voltage regulation, and very low noise and ripple levels. And we...

By HardOCP on

The LEPA G700 is a new economical branding of the venerable Enermax MODU87+ 700W that is being distributed by Enermax' new house label LEPA. "In theory" that means that the unit should perform just like the more expensive Enermax branded unit but at...

International Review By Clubic on 70

Lepa, ça ne sonne pas forcément aussi bien qu'Enermax. Pourtant leurs blocs d'alimentation sont très proches. Et pour cause... Cette marque est distribuée par Enerpoint, une filiale d'Enermax. Lepa G700-MA / Modu87+ 700...

International Review By Technic3D on 91

Das Lepa G700-MA, das nahezu identisch mit dem Enermax MODU 87+ ist, kommt ebenso leise und effizient daher wie das Modell von Enermax. Selbst die Anzahl der Kabel und Anschlüsse sind identisch. Unterschiede gibt es bei den Zugaben wie Schrauben,...

International Review By Clube do Hardware on

A LEPA G700-MA é uma excelente fonte de alimentação que apresenta eficiência acima de 90% se você extrair entre 40% e 60% da sua potência rotulada (entre 280 W e 420 W), ótima regulação de tensão e...

International Review By 59Hardware on

Pas vraiment de surprise avec cette Lepa G700-MA vue sa provenance, il s’agit de l’Enermax Modu 87 renommée. Au niveau de ses performances, elles sont au rendez-vous conformément au bloc de base. La discrétion est de mise,...