AMD Phenom X4 9700 2.4GHz Socket AM2+

  • AMD Phenom X4 9700 2.4GHz Socket AM2+
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  • Should give AM2 systems a new lease of life; faster than Athlon X2s in optimised software


  • Slower than Intel quad cores; relatively high power usage; first revisions are buggy

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By iXBT Labs on

What conclusions follow from our analysis? First of all, we can draw an important conclusion that AMD Phenom (K10) and AMD Athlon 64 (K8) processors indeed contain some structure in their integrated memory controllers, which can be called a large...

By HardwareGeeks on

Last week I received an AMD Spider system which has a quad-core Phenom 9700 2.4GHz processor and a 256MB ATI Radeon HD 3850 graphics card. Both the processor and graphics card are samples, with the video card having a sticker that reads...

By on 60

Fine if you plan to upgrade a socket AM2 system, but otherwise buy a faster, cheaper and more energy-efficient Intel...

By Guru of 3D on

Man .. this is a really difficult conclusion. I feel that the Phenom really is an adequate enough processor, the problem is that Intel released its core technology much sooner than AMD could release Barcelona/Phenom. The Phenom 9700 as tested today...

By PC Advisor on 60

Given that the 9700 is a fairly high-end version of the Phenom, its performance scores are disappointing. At the very least, it should be beating the likes of the E6600s and E6700s. Based on its scores notched up against the E6850, itll be unable to...

By TechRadar on 60

Since the launch of Intels first quad-core desktop processor over a year ago, theres been a conspicuous hole in AMDs product line up. But those days are over.Phenom, AMDs crucial new quad-core desktop chip, has finally arrived. Is it good enough...

By Tom's Hardware UK on

Today marks a historic occasion for AMD. After delays of more than a year, the company can finally present its new, highly anticipated processor - and not a moment too soon. AMD needs a fresh product. While this CPU was originally meant as a...

By Tom's Hardware on

After a 1 year+ delay, AMD has released its first quad-core CPU, the Phenom, along with a new platform, Spyder. We ran all 3 Phenom models through our extensive benchmark suite. Check it...

By HotHardware on

There are a few interesting performance characteristics to summarize in regard to AMDs new Phenom processors. First, in comparison to similarly clocked Athlon 64 X2 processors, the Phenoms showed some significant performance gains in the...