Intel Core i7-2820QM 2.3GHz Socket 988

  • Intel Core i7-2820QM 2.3GHz Socket 988
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By on -

Late May we published a huge round-up of 45 desktop processors , followed by a review of Intel's fourth generation Core processors . Our readers immediately, and understandably, came with the request for a similar group test of laptop processors....

By Tom's Hardware UK on -

Today's desktop replacements deliver a ridiculous amount of performance compared to the mobile flagships we've seen in the past. But these powerhouses come with a trade-off, other than their hefty price tags. You see, there is an unbreakable...

By Tom's Hardware on -

Before we wrap up, we need to clarify a few points. We made this clear before, but we need to go over it again. When people travel, they travel with computers smaller than desktop replacements (by that I mean screens smaller than 15.6"). The whole...

By Legit Reviews on -

The Intel Core i7-2820QM processor is fast in CPU and GPU benchmarks and might just prove that discrete GPUs are no longer a must-have feature in...

By HotHardware on -

Intel's new Core i7-2820QM processor put up the fastest benchmark numbers we've seen from any notebook processor to date, with respect to general purpose computing workloads. In these test conditions, Intel's new Sandy Bridge mobile...

By PCPer on -

Sandy Bridge is going to take over the desktop and mobile computing spaces again in 2011 - that much I am sure of. Competition from AMD will mainly be focused on the low-end markets for the time being with the Brazos / Fusion platform and it will be...

International Review By Hardware.Info on -

Eind mei publiceerden we een uitgebreide vergelijkingstest van 45 desktopprocessors , begin juni gevolgd door een update met resultaten van Intels 4de generatie Core processors, codenaam Haswell . Een vraag die direct in de reacties op het eerste...