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  • Costs thousands less than comparable prograde projectors. Razorsharp 1080p images. Nearperfect color saturation. Logical, easytonavigate onscreen menu system. Backlit remote glows a futuristic red.
  • LED illumination means no lamp replacement, LEDs don't change color or brightness over time, LEDs consume less power and generate less heat than lamps, No color wheel, fewer "rainbow" artifacts, Superb color, detail, shadow detail, Excellent video pro


  • Blacks could be blacker, an important consideration for fans of space operas. Not as bright as you’d expect, meaning you’ll need to pull the shades for optimum results. Lensshift mechanicals require topside access, which could be a problem depending on ho
  • Relatively low light output, Realworld blacks could be deeper

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By Wired on 70

The best home theaters are the ones that make you scoff at the very notion of going to an actual theater.The key ingredient: a pro-grade projector, something that bathes the dark end of your living room in such jaw-dropping color and clarity, youll...

By Trusted Reviews on 90

The Digital Projection M-Vision Cine LED is, by anyones measure, a truly outstanding performer. Its detail reproduction with HD is staggering, its colours are punchy but utterly natural and capable of immense subtlety, and its motion handling is...

By Home Theater Review on 100

The M-Vision Cine LED from Digital Projection is not an entry-level projector. The M-Vision Cine LED, with its roughly $16,000 asking price, is a decidedly high-end affair aimed at the discriminating home theater enthusiast and/or videophile. That...

By Sound and Vision Magazine on

Projection enthusiasts will remember January 2010 as the month of their emancipation — the moment when, at long last, they were freed from the expense of regular maintenance on their projectors. As I write this, numerous companies have begun...

By Home Theater on

No lamp replacement , Superb color and detail , Excellent video processing , Real-world blacks could be deeper Ever since I first heard about front projectors with LED light sources, the idea has intrigued me. Before RPTVs imploded, a few...

By UltimateAVMag on

I really enjoyed watching the M-Vision Cine LED. Detail is impeccable, at least on HD material, colors are rich but natural, video processing is exceptional, and shadow detail is among the best I've seen in a long time. Its only shortcoming is the...