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We still want more from the black level and greater detail throughout for it to score the full five stars, but if you're keen to get the big screen experience for under £500, you could just find the Epson EH-TW5300 scratches that itch.See all our Epson...

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The home projector market has had a realignment. The sub £1000 market used to be the preserve of 720p models, but now Full HD offerings are displacing them, allowing a level of image quality that would have seem unfeasible just a year or so back....

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Epson have thrown the gauntlet down with yet another milestone in entry level home theatre projectors. Though Full HD projectors have been coming out around the $1k mark for a while now the EH-TW5300 does it with a sharp contrasty picture and a pretty...

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What is the Epson EH-TW5300? The EH-TW5300 is an LCD projector designed with home-entertainment in mind. Despite costing only £580, key features include a high 2,200 lumens of claimed brightness, a Full HD resolution, a dynamic contrast ratio claimed to...

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You should use good quality progressive sources to drive it, but given that, the Epson EH-TW5300 brings the joys of bigscreen projection at good quality and with a remarkable price — and low ongoing operating costs.Epson EH-TW5300 AV projectorPrice:...

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Epson EH-TW5300 projector is a beautiful looking product from Epson. The projector is good if you're looking for a machine that looks great in design and would fit well in a household. The overall performance of the projector is good depending on what...

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Epson EH-TW5300 is a fairly good projector, offering features like 3D capability and multiple connectivity options at a decent price. But it's not without its shortcomings, including average sound output and middling 3D projection. We believe that the...

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Der EH-TW5300 von Epson ist im Test durch seine kompakte Bauweise aufgefallen. Das Einsteigergerät bietet eine recht gute Bildqualität zum angemessenen Preis. Gerade Kontrast und Helligkeit sind zwar nicht so gut wie bei weit teuren Modellen, sollten...

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Price: Rs.75,800/-Specs:How does it feel out of the box? It feels small, glossy and beautiful especially after reviewing its massive brother EH-TW8200. This projector promises to deliver 2,200 lumens of claimed brightness, a Full HD resolution, a...

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Epson updated its Full HD projector range with the EH-TW5300. The projector is the first entry-level full–HD projector in Epson's range to introduce several advanced features that used to be found only in Epson's high-end home theatre models. These...

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隨著主流影視娛樂越來越向 3D 技術靠攏,想要建構一個好的家庭劇院環境,絕對少不了良善的 3D 顯示器材。平心而論,高 CP 值、大螢幕成像的最佳解決方案非劇院投影機莫屬!如 Epson 近期推出的 EH-TW5300,擁有 2,200 流明彩色亮度,35,000:1 超高對比、480Hz...