Epson MovieMate 85HD

  • Epson MovieMate 85HD
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  • Highly portable, High brightness, Integrated speakers, Built-in DVD player.
  • Instant theater with 720p projector, integrated DVD player, and stereo audio system.
  • Brighter and cheaper than previous models.


  • Built-in optical drive.
  • No controls for adjusting brightness, contrast, or other common settings.

Expert reviews and ratings

By ProjectorCentral on 96

Listed at $899 with a native 1280 x 800 resolution, the 85HD projector houses a DVD player, a 20-watt audio system, and a 2,500-lumen projector in one integrated package, displays 720p widescreen movies without compression, and it handles all sorts of...

By Macworld on 80

The MovieMate 85HD has a lot to offer as a convenient, portable, all-in-one home entertainment media player. With its built-in DVD player, integrated speakers, and variety of connectors, this versatile projector can turn your backyard into an outdoor...

By The Lobe and Mail on -

Digital projectors, once on the cusp of breaking into the consumer world in a big way, were a casualty of the flat screen war. Though capable of delivering literally wall-sized, high-definition images, their disadvantages – namely, that they...

By PC Mag on 60

The Epson MovieMate 85HD is a portable home theater in a box, complete with DVD player, sound system, and a 720p projector. Buy it...

By Projectors at Projector Reviews on -

This MovieMate is a combo projector containing a bright projector, a standard DVD player, and a decent sound system. The reason the 85HD doesn't compete with other all-in-one projectors is that there really aren't any others - at least in the...

By Maximum PC on 90

Buying a projector to show movies on the side of your house on warm summer evenings is akin to owning a boat. It’s an absolute blast the first few times, but it soon devolves into a chore: Drag out the projector. Drag out the speakers. Drag out...

By on 80

Manufacturer's SiteThe Epson MovieMate 85HD is one of a class of video projectors that include a built-in DVD player. The projector section utilizes 3LCD technology with 1280x800 (approx 720p) native resolution. All DVDs played in the...