D-Link DIR-605L Cloud Router

  • D-Link DIR-605L Cloud Router
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  • Affordable, Remote network management available.
  • Option to hide geeky networking options, Inexpensive, Remote monitoring and control via iPad or Android.


  • No Gigabit Ethernet, So-so performance, Unexpected behavior in interface.
  • Limited to 2x2 antenna array (300 mbps max), No support for 5GHz band, Still a bit buggy, Switch is 10/100 ethernet only.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Expert Reviews on 60

Good if you want a cheap 2.4GHz band router, but its cloud services are limited to remote configuration...

By Macworld Australia on 60

If you’re looking for a basic router that’s easy to use and you’re on a tight budget, there’s a lot to like about the D-Link DIR-605L. Just don’t expect trail-blazing performance.Related Tags: d-link, DIR-605L, macworld, macworld australia, mydlink,...

By PC Mag on 50

For those needing little more than a cheap router for a small home network with few devices, the DIR-605L will suffice. All others, steer clear....

By CNET Australia on 70

The D-Link DIR-605L Cloud Router makes a great solution for those who just need a simple wireless network to share the Internet access among devices. Its cloud-based management feature also proves to be a helpful and practical...

By PCWorld India on

As go, the D-Link Cloud Router (DIR-605L) isn't a top performer--it has the basic 2x2 antenna array required for 802.11n certification, and its LAN ports support only 10/100 (not gigabit) ethernet. But it boasts some easy-to-use remote-access...

By PC World on 70

The D-Link Cloud Router may not win performance contests, but it's inexpensive and it lets you monitor and control network activity remotely via iPhone and Android...

By VR-Zone on 70

Features / Quality (30%) mydlink is a great cloud service that allows users to monitor and control their wireless router remotely anywhere. The DIR-605L unfortunately have fixed pair antennas. But then again 5dBi antennas does seems sufficient enough...

International Review By hdblog.it on

Il router D-Link 605L è risultato un buon prodotto, curato nel design e che, come visto nell'articolo, non avrà grossi problemi a trovare spazio nel nostro ambiente domestico o in piccole aziende. Il sistema una volta acceso è risultato molto semplice...

International Review By chip.com.my on

D-Link's DIR-605L Cloud Router may not be a great performer, but its wholly unique and well-executed cloud-based features cannot be ignored. For anyone looking for a refreshing networking experience, we can easily recommend them this.(previously...

International Review By DinSide Data on 67

I det siste har vi hovedsakelig testet rutere i toppsjiktet, med vekt på ytelse og egenskaper. Disse ligger i prisklassen rundt tusenlappen, helst noe over, og er de raskeste og har best dekning. Men det er ikke alle som er like opptatt av topp ytelse,...