LevelOne WBR-6000 N One

  • LevelOne WBR-6000 N One
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  • Original design, Can be installed upright, High speed of the wired interfaces, Good setup opportunities, WPS, Low price
  • Striking design; easy-to-use setup


  • Nondetachable antennas, Easily soiled case, Poor indication system, Unstable in vertical position, Gets hot in horizontal position, Homely webinterface, Poor implementation of the wireless interface
  • Terrible throughput speeds; short range; no Gigabit Ethernet

Expert reviews and ratings

By X-bit Labs on

The LevelOne WBR-6000 router is a good product in many respects, but its main advantage the support for the new-generation wireless standard is questionable. Perhaps this will be corrected in firmware updates, but right now this router...

By cnet on 57

We wanted to like this funky-looking router, but the LevelOne N_One WBR-6000 performed so horribly in testing that we must warn you not to be tempted by its slick design and low price. Price range:...

By PCQuest on

Level Ones latest broadband wireless router supports 802.11n draft specification, and we received it with Level Ones USB, PCMCIA and PCI wireless adapters. The draft N specification supports throughput of up to 300 Mbps and is also backward...

By Expert Reviews on 60

LevelOne is a relatively new brand to the UK, and this is the first time weve seen one of its products. The WBR-6000 N One is a stylish-looking Draft-N wireless router with a black plastic chassis and orange and white detail. The three antennas...

International Review By BitCity on 87

Level1 WBR-6000 è un router wireless caratterizzato da uno chassis dal design moderno e con una colorazione che non passa inosservata. Al di là dell’estetica però, questo dispositivo di differenzia dalla massa per la...

International Review By PC Professionell on

Der WLAN-Router Level One WBR-6000 sieht nicht nur edel aus, sondern gefällt insbesondere durch seinen hervorragende Performance. Im Funknetzwerk werden Daten fast genauso schnell übertragen wie einem Kabelnetzwerk mit Fast Ethernet.WBR-6000 N_One...