Samsung SGH-T759 Exhibit 4G

  • Samsung SGH-T759 Exhibit 4G
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  • Good value for the money, HSPA enabled, Clear calling quality.
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS. True 4G data speeds. Stunning battery life.
  • The Samsung Exhibit 4G is a fast, comfortable Android 2.3 Gingerbread handset with two cameras and a 1GHz processor.


  • Sluggish performance with web browsing, Shoots some lackluster photos & videos, Conventional design.
  • Screen is a little small for typing. Not a very good camera.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GSMArena on

After spending a good amount of quality time with the Samsung Exhibit 4G, we really couldn’t find much to frown at. The device was up for all the tasks we threw at it and, while not being a benchmark monster, we are quite confident it won’t...

By CellPhoneQuick on

The Samsung Exhibit 4G is ideal for someone looking to save everything down to the last penny, but also wants the latest data speed connectivity. Size is also a factor here as well. The Exhibit 4G is significantly smaller than the giant fleet of 4G...

By LaptopMag on 80

The Samsung Exhibit 4G is one of the best Android phones under 100 bucks. For $79.99, this Android device offers zippy data performance over T-Mobile's HSPA+ network along with a good camera and long battery life. Heavy texters will prefer the...

By Phone Scoop on

In the recent tri-fecta of Samsung Android smartphones for T-Mobile, the Exhibit 4G is clearly the best. While the Dart and Gravity Smart each have their own strengths, the Exhibit 4G rates above average in almost every way we test phones. The...

By PC Mag on 70

The Samsung Exhibit 4G is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a fast, capable, and relatively petite smartphone on T-Mobile....

By BrightHub on 80

The Samsung Exhibit 4G comes in with a "Good" ranking for an lower priced smartphone. It's amazing how fast the smartphone industry is changing, and the Exhibit 4G would have been the high end smartphone to get for T-Mobile if it was released...

By infoSync World on 83

Does the Samsung Exhibit 4G have what it takes to battle the pricey 4G giants? Read our full review here.Samsung Exhibit 4G Report Times are changing at a rapid rate within the smartphone market, and that's to be expected. But after a year of 4G...

By Phone Arena on 70

Looking at the big picture, one of the more alluring things about the Samsung Exhibit 4G is that it packs a ton of value for the money you’re paying. Packing features like a high-resolution display, 1GHz single-core processor, HSPA+ connectivity,...

By cnet on 80

A great price makes the Samsung Exhibit 4G a compelling option for Android fans on the lookout for a deal, without sacrificing...