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The Crucial M550 SSD is designed to meet the needs enthusiasts requires. The M550 delivers 550MB/s for sequential read and 500MB/s for sequential write, its core technology includes a Micron 20nm 64GB with 128GB NAND and a Micron custom firmware using a Marvell 88SS9189 controller.

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When we received word that the M550 was on its way here we placed a single primary goal which was to see just how much better it was compared to its predecessor the M500 and it really didn't disappoint us. Of course as you can see from our charts the...

By PC Authority on 67

Another new SSD that didn't quite make it here in time to be included in our SSD roundup (PC&TA 198) is Crucial's new M550. It's not a successor to the M500, which will remain available as the company's mainstream SSD, with the M550 slotting in as a...

By DigitalVersus on 80

The Crucial M550 is a good follow-up to the M500 and has decent transfer speeds and over-provisioning. The sole drawback is that it's only guaranteed three...

By Computer Shopper on 80

The M550 is a strong competitor to Samsung's stellar SSD 840 EVO. It's fast and affordable, though Samsung and Intel SSDs have better software, and the EVO costs a bit less as a bare drive. Read...

By hardCOREware on

If you have wondered what caused SSD prices to drop so dramatically in the last few years, it has more to do than just competition. Higher density NAND is what has led the charge in plummeting prices; with the ability to cram more storage onto a package,...

By Expert Reviews on 100

A very fast SSD at a great price, but the Samsung 840 Evo is just a bit...

By GeekZone on

Not too long ago the most touted upgrade for any PC was memory. Anyone running a PC on less than 4GB was quickly advised to bump up the memory - and for a while it did make things faster.At the same time OS developers did a great job of creating...

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Crucial's SSD product lines have always been conservative in performance in favor of rock solid reliability, and without a doubt this was a very successful business model back when the Crucial M4 was introduced; largely because it was the least...

By MyCE on 90

Our readers, and almost anyone that has searched to upgrade their spinning HDD to a much faster and more silent SSD will have surely come across the Crucial name, but in case you've missed it you can always visit their website and find out more about...

By Hardware Canucks on

Crucial’s M550 512GB is one hell of an SSD. While it may not top our performance charts or feature a particularly impressive list of accomplishments, it represents the next logical step towards affordable, high capacity SSDs which hit high levels of...

By ImpulseGamer on 88

The Crucial M550 256GB is definitely a noticeable improvement over its predecessor thanks to the new controller and technological...

By techPowerUp! on 90

Crucial, a subsidiary of Micron, a world leader in memory and flash production, brought us such wonderful SSDs as the C300 and m4 and has now released a new model called the M550. It is, as the name suggests, an incremental update to the M500 SSD that...

By AnandTech on

The biggest Achilles' Heel of the M550 is its performance consistency. Given that it has been the focus of other manufacturers for the last year or so, it seems odd that Crucial hasn't done much to improve in this area. It's again better than the M500...

By TheSSDReview on 85

Crucial/Micron significantly improves on their M500 release by adding the M550 which has upper tier performance, increased capacity, as well as a very competitive price. Crucial also includes the M.2 form factor which will benefit many newer systems available today.

By TheStorageReview on 90

The Crucial/Micron M550 provides a progressive update over the M500, giving consumers and OEMs a drive platform with a lengthy history of reliability and endurance.

By AnandTech on

For people who are not entirely sure whether the M500 is fast enough for their needs, the M550 is certainly a good and safe choice but I would have liked to see something competitive with the SanDisk Extreme II instead, even if the result was higher cost. It's not fast enough to close the gap, so the result ends up being a rehash of what we've already seen.

By The Tech Report on 90

The M550 beats those marks handily, and with better performance to boot. That might not be the most exciting progress in the tech industry, but it's pretty awesome for consumers looking to upgrade from mechanical drives or to make more substantial investments in solid-state storage.

By Hardware Heaven on 95

In that area the drive excels, improving on the last generation and reaching levels above the direct competition. It should also be noted that, provided retailers hit the recommended price point, that the M550 1TB is a touch cheaper than the competition at the same capacity.

By Bit-Tech on 87

The price and performance of the SSD 840 Evo and its excellent and user-friendly Magician software make it our favourite consumer drive still, but for many the additional features of the M550 will be worth paying for. That said, if you want said features and you're willing to live with a little less speed and capacity, picking up an M500 while they're so cheap would also be a smart move.

By BenchmarkReviews on 92

Collectively these items add to the already noteworthy performance, and earn the Crucial M550 SSD our Golden Tachometer Award for excellence.