Hitachi G-Drive Slim USB2

  • Hitachi G-Drive Slim USB2
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  • Good design, Incredibly lightweight, Fast copy and duplication speeds.


  • Slightly expensive, Subpar results in Photoshop

Expert reviews and ratings

By CNET Australia on 80

If you have limited physical storage space, the G-Drive slim will appeal greatly to you. Given the OS X focus, we'd imagine it'll be some time before we see this with a USB 3.0 interface — yet we await that day with baited...

By Macworld Australia on 80

I was impressed with the design and performance of Hitachi’s G-DRIVE slim. Its aesthetics and capabilities make it an appealing, portable storage and backup solution for mobile Mac users. Keep in mind that a 5400rpm model such as this may not be...

By Good Gear Guide on 60

Hitachi's G-Drive Slim is a slim portable hard drive designed to mimic Apple's aluminium unibody MacBook Airs and Pros. It's middling when it comes to performance figures but is definitely fast enough for the average user. We're more...

By Macworld UK on 100

The G-Drive slim from Hitachi is a new portable hard drive that claims to be the thinnest drive of its type. And it is indeed very thin, at just 9.9mm tall, and 128mm long by 82mm wide, and housed in a light-weight aluminium enclosure. The finish has...

By MyMac on 70

Let’s be honest: the market is flooded with external hard drives at all capacities and prices. They’re all the same, right? Just pick one and you’re all set. Sorry, not that simple. The main purpose of an external hard drive is to back up the data on...

By Macworld on 70

Aside from its compact design, the G-Drive Slim doesn’t visually set itself apart from the pack, and it carries a slightly stiff price tag. But although it’s marketed as a companion external hard drive for MacBook Air users, it’s...

International Review By 01Net on 80

Le G-Drive Slim est un peu cher (85 euros pour 320 Go) mais il se révèle rapide et bénéficie d’un design soigné. Si vous êtes utilisateur de Macintosh, ou que vous n’êtes pas intéressé par un...