LaCie Fuel USB3/WiFi

  • LaCie Fuel USB3/WiFi
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  • Works like a fast USB 3.0 portable drive or as a capable mobile Wi-Fi storage device.
  • Comes with a well-designed mobile app.
  • Offers long battery life.


  • Doesn't have anything its competition doesn't already have.
  • Including the Wireless Plus from Seagate, which owns LaCie.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechRadar on 80

A good little drive but things turn sour when compared to the competition, which happens to be LaCie's own parent company. Although it is cheaper than the Seagate 2TB Wireless it is slightly slower and the design is nice, but a little heavier.

By TechRadar AU on 80

The LaCIE Fuel 2TB proved to be a capable wireless hard disk drive. There's not much to complain about when it comes to storage capacity or performance but ultimately it seems that the LaCie Fuel 2TB is betting on its looks to sell. We liked As an...

By MacLife on 70

Fuel powers up your iOS device with a terabyte of storage, but its security flaws might have you playing with fire.

By on

Hello again readers, we are back again with another review. This time we will take a look at the LaCie Fuel, a portable wireless storage device. With a capacity of 1TB which is the same as 1000 GB.Ever had the feeling you bought an iPod/iPad or other...

By TechReviewSource on 80

The LaCie Fuel wireless media drive can supplement your smartphone or tablet storage. It lets you carry most, if not all, of your music, photos, and videos with you and share them with a small group of...

By Computer Shopper on 80

The Fuel may cost twice what a standard 1TB external hard drive does, but its excellent-quality streaming to mobile devices, intuitive setup, and Dropbox integration make it worth the hi-test price....

By Expert Reviews on 60

The Fuel works well, but the almost identical Seagate Wireless Plus is better...

By The Mac Observer on 90

Operational Concept This is a new product, anounced on January 7, and is a sister product to the existing Seagate Wireless Plus, It's been tuned up a little to be more friendly to Apple customers. Basically, the Fuel is a battery powered, 2.5-inch...

By LaptopMag on 80

The LaCie Fuel provides a handy 1TB of wireless storage for those on the move and an easy-to-use...

By StorageReview on 95

The LaCie Fuel provies 1TB of wireless storage that is well-built, easy to use and offers the fastest hard drive of any other product in this class. While it's hard to differentiate in this category, the Fuel manages to stand out as a best in class offering.

By TweakTown on 90

With the multiples of mobile devices each of us has, there comes a time we may need to backup or offload that data to a secondary storage solution. This is especially true for those who have purchased devices that lack additional expansion. Thankfully,...

By CNET Australia on 70

Fast and easy to use, the LaCie Fuel makes another very good choice as a mobile storage solution for travelers despite having almost nothing better than its existing...

International Review By on 82

Lacie Fuel es una excelente forma de aumentar la capacidad de nuestros dispositivos sin necesidad de cables, lo que convierte al disco duro en una unidad ideal para acompañar a tu iPhone o iPad. Es portable, muy fácil de usar y fiable. Eso sí, su...

International Review By on 80

Met een prijs van net geen 200 euro is de Fuel een flink stuk duurder dan een normale externe harde schijf. Daar staat tegenover dat je een bijna ongelimiteerd aantal films en foto's onderweg kunt gebruiken op je tablet of...

International Review By on

Оба протестированных нами устройства найдут своего покупателя. Lacie Fuel обеспечивает немало пространства для хранения файлов, подключение возможно практически с любого устройства, также вы получите несколько часов автономной работы. При подключении к...

International Review By on

Abbiamo testato la velocità di Lacie Fuel in modalità USB 3.0 con Atto Benchmark, superando i 125 MB/sec in lettura ed i 130 MB/sec in scrittura. Lo screenshot sovrastante vi offre un quadro completo dei risultati ottenuti. Non si tratta certamente di...

International Review By Hard-H2O on

Los teléfonos móviles o tabletas actuales hacen posible que podamos disfrutar de todo un reproductor multimedia muy pequeño y que podremos reproducirlo en cualquier TV, previa compatibilidad. El LaCie Fuel es la solución al problema de éstos, el...

International Review By CyberBloc on 100

Durchweg überzeugende Netzwerk-Platte Es müssen wohl Prestige-Gründe sein, weshalb LaCie seine Fuel als iOS- und Mac-OS-Festplatte anpreist. Fakt ist jedoch, dass der Netzwerk-Alleskönner auch unter Android und Windows eine erstklassige Figur macht. Von...

International Review By on 70

De LaCie Fuel is een handig gadget om de op­slag­ca­pa­ci­teit van je mobiele ap­pa­ra­ten met maar liefst 1 TB uit te breiden en om be­stan­den, media en in­ter­net in een kleine groep met elkaar te delen. De Fuel bewijst ook goede dien­sten als...

International Review By on 80

De Fuel van LaCie is een draadloze harde schijf van 1 terabyte die naadloos samenwerkt met de iPad, iPhone, Mac, pc en Apple...